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My WD Demitrius

Discussion in 'Water Dragons' started by zetec7, Aug 13, 2008.

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  1. Merlin

    Merlin Administrator Staff Member Premium Member

    You can do 4ft wide and 6 ft tall. You want height! Or rather your dragon does.
  2. schlegelbagel

    schlegelbagel Frog Lover Premium Member

    yup, 4 wide by 6 tall by 2.5 deep is good too.

    I hate to say it, but most pet store care sheets are total garbage, which stinks. If most people knew what it took to keep a dragon really happy, they probably wouldn't get one. Which means the pet stores would never sell any in the first place and not make any money. In fact lots of pet stores give no care sheets out, making it total responsibility of the owner to find out information, which could be good or bad depending on the laziness of the owner.

    He has great colors and no nose rub so you are obviously doing something right.

    It won't kill him to be in that enclosure a little while longer while you plan something out. I always say I don't have room for another tank, but wouldn't you know, I found a 35 gallon Hex this weekend at a steal, and we are already planning a furniture move :chuckles:
  3. narnibird

    narnibird Elite Member

    I don't know much at all about Water Dragons, but I wouldn't give up just yet. It sounds like he just can't be in that setup when he's full-grown. If it's got the proper ratios now, that's ok. It gives you time to measure out the final setup, and time to start collecting what it'd take to make it a Water Dragon bit of heaven. Really, I think the size sounds bigger than it is.

    For example, we've got 3 Ferret nation cages side by side in our bedroom (for 3 chinchillas). They are 3' L x 2' W x 5.5' H. The total measurement, including space between cages is 10' x 2' x 5.5'. We've still got a good 3' on that wall. I wouldn't have ever thought that we'd have the room there for them, but they take up less space than I was imagining.

    If you do like Merlin and Liz suggest and have a 4' L x 2.5' W x 6' H, that's not much bigger than one Ferret Nation cage. It's maybe a bit wider than a dresser, but not much.

    Demitrius looks like he's worth it. He looks happy with you. He's worth trying for.
  4. sooperdave

    sooperdave Elite Member

    Honestly, from the reading I've done and advice given by my friend (he's a reptile expert) you can put him in a 75-90 gallon. Of course, it would help out a lot if you could build on it to make it taller. oh and I talked to someone at the expo this weekend who breeds them and she agreed. She said she had 5 in a 150 gallon tank, 2 adults and 3 young ones.
  5. schlegelbagel

    schlegelbagel Frog Lover Premium Member

    Reptile "experts" don't always have the knowledge you think. Yes, a 75 - 90 gallon is better than a 50 gallon, but not by much. Plus, they are tree climbers and need height.
    5 in a 150 gallon tank?? I can't believe no one was fighting.
  6. sooperdave

    sooperdave Elite Member

    She might have said 250 gallon, but I don't remember. And I agree that the bigger the enclosure, the better. But, I would also think if you can get a 90-125 gallon and build on it to make it taller and also give your dragon plenty of time outside this tank to run around that he would live a full happy life. That's just my opinion. I definitely don't agree with the petsmart care sheets that say you can keep them in a 55 gallon. That's bogus. By the time they are adults all they would be able to do is sit.
  7. Merlin

    Merlin Administrator Staff Member Premium Member

    There is a lot of very bad and outdated information on reptiles still floating around out there.
    There are alot of things that you CAN do but not necessarily should.
    I could lock you up in something barely the size of a phone booth, make sure you were fed and watered, and you would survive.
    But you would not be very happy about it. And the stress of that situation would eventually cause your immune system to weaken and you would stand a serious chance of becoming ill.

    If this is the case she is asking for trouble! And dead or injured dragons!
    Just as with petshops, not everybody you meet at an expo will be truthful with you or even knows what they are talking about. I have seen people who claimed to be selling captive bred animals that they bred themselves and they were clearly wild caught imports.
    Just because you throw a couple of animals together and they breed doesn't mean that you have things right!
  8. sooperdave

    sooperdave Elite Member

    I forgot to mention that this lady and the guy she was with were the ONLY ones at the expo with water dragons. I don't know where they were from. They mentioned a website or something like that. But it was strange to see no other water dragons there, perhaps no one else knows how to take care of them or wants to deal with them. There are a ton of beardies tho.

    I can't get to the page on this computer here at work, but on the exo terra site there is a page with all the tanks and their setups. One of them has 4 water dragons in it....hmm...not good...
  9. Merlin

    Merlin Administrator Staff Member Premium Member

    That doesn't mean anything. They are trying to sell a product and unlike products for human use there are no watchdog organizations that ensures that what they are promoting is factual. You can find packaging claiming heat rocks are safe, calcium sand is digestable, dried ants are suitable as a complete diet for turtles, 3ft square nylon mesh cages are applicable for adult iguanas and so on and so on.
    If similar claims were made regarding human use products the government would be in there shutting them down so fast their heads would spin!
    Not to mention all the lawsuits!
  10. zetec7

    zetec7 Active Member

    Well, for the time being, I guess I'll keep Demitrius in his new digs. He's only 16" long at this point, and seems to really enjoy his place. He's more active now than he's ever been, his color is great, he eats like there's no tomorrow, and quite obviously loves being talked to, stroked, etc. Whenever he sees me in the room, he watches me, and if I don't go and see him, he scrabbles around in his tank until I pay him some attention. I think he learned that from the dogs!

    What I can do as an interim measure, as he gets a little larger, is to extend the height of the tank with another enclosure above. The ExoTerra tank allows for expansion upward (although I don't know if it's intended to be this way). I can get more of the rock-wall backdrop, and I still really like the double glass doors at the front, as access for feeding, cleaning, and handling is far easier than any of the previous enclosures I've had.
  11. sapphirerain74

    sapphirerain74 Elite Member

    The important thing about the height is having branches for them to hang out on. The wall is great but WDs really like to be in trees and as he gets bigger - he may not be able to hold himself up on the wall for any length of time due to his weight. Plus, it is not good on their lungs to be upright like this for long periods of time. I do not want to see you part with your WD at all. The height is important - that should not interfere as much with your living space (as long as you have a decent length). You seem to be really great with him - so, just keep up the good work but definitely be aware of his needs as he grows and make adjustments where necessary. You know, like moving your kid out of a bunkbed when they out grow it.
  12. DragonPaw

    DragonPaw Elite Member

    Sixteen inches? Then never mind this:
    Still could possibly be male.
  13. rickmill

    rickmill Member

    Look into screen terrariums. The have 100 gallon ones that are 48 inches tall and 30" wide and the price is not that bad.
  14. sooperdave

    sooperdave Elite Member

    Where? It's not one of those reptariums is it? If so, those are cheap for a reason. You won't want to put a wd in one of those. You won't be able to hold humidity. I thought about getting one of those at one point too but after reserching it, I changed my mind. I might still get one to use for taking my dragon outdoors but that's it.
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