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My (Very Uncooperative) Kings!

Discussion in 'Kingsnakes' started by Wifi, Jan 15, 2013.

  1. Wifi

    Wifi Active Member

    Hey, all. As promised in my intro thread, I'm going to post a few pictures of my two Kings, Sobek and Turkleton

    Sobek was my first reptile, I got him from a friend, who got it from one of our mutual friends. He's just a normal desert phase California King, I think he's handsome. He's wild caught, but so nice. He's never shown any sign of aggression other than to his food, obviously. Honestly, I never really expect aggression even from wild-caught snakes. And I've actually recently found out he is a she, but I'm used to calling her a him. . . so. His favorite place is in my hood if I have a hoodie on.
    110.jpg 267.jpg 278.jpg 279.jpg 282.jpg

    Next is Turk, my Hi-white reverse stripe California King. She's very small and was born in August of last year, however I got her in November. I got her from a breeder at the recent Phoenix Repticon who specialized in breeding kings. I liked all of them, but I decided to go with her. She has actually recently shed for the first time since I've had her and it came off completely whole. It may have been the second time, I think I vaguely remember cleaning shed from her cage. Or maybe that was Sobek, my memory is awful. She freaks out whenever I go to get her, but as soon as I have a hold of her, she calms down and gets pretty comfortable. Good little snake. Her favorite place is up my sleeve with her heading poking out.
    091.jpg 108.jpg 270.jpg 277.jpg

    And those are my Kings, I love them so much. I never get tired of carrying them around. But not at the same time, of course.
  2. OrchidPal

    OrchidPal Elite Member

    Awwwwwwwwwww they are so cute! When I got my first king, he/she was already 4' & so happy to get out of "her" 15 gal. tank with the soup cans on top. Also a regular banded cal king.

    I described "her " as sweet to a woman who'd come to inspect my appartment last year. She looked at me horrified.

    I find her to be a very curious snake. She comes out to see who's come over. Love her.

    Turk is also very attractive!

    Maybe your memory is busy doing other things. Mine does that. Since I have 6 snakes, well ........... keeping track could easily become a blur. I keep one of those small inexpensive daytimers, just for the snakes. Some people keep one for each snake.

    So, for example, I can look at Dec. 26 - 30 and see that; Mustasho shed on the 26th, Legolas shed on the 29th, on the 30th I can see what every snake ate & also note that my 3 yr old ball python refused his rat (it's winter & he does that).

    It is small enough to keep out, so I will remember to use it, because, well, my memory is busy!

    Thank you for sharing! I enjoyed all your photographs ;)
  3. Wifi

    Wifi Active Member

    Thank you! And lately I've definitely been leaning toward the idea of keeping some sort of journal on them or something, because this whole not remembering thing isn't too fun!

    The name Mustasho is amazing, by the way. And Sobek, when I first got him, was happy to get out of his 10G. Turk is so tiny, she fits fine in his old 10G for the time being, while I've moved him to a 30G.

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