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My Red X Bearded Dragon

Discussion in 'Bearded Dragons' started by crondiesel, Oct 30, 2012.

  1. SpookyCheerios

    SpookyCheerios Elite Member

    I'm sorry, you keep saying you know what you are doing based off of something one person who you talked to over the internet has told you? Well there are a BUNCH of people on the internet telling you right now that you NEED a uvb. It isn't even a question. Beardies need a HIGH amount of uvb and unless you are bringing her outside EVERYDAY for AT LEAST and hour, she isn't getting enough and SHE WILL develop metabolic bone disease. I can't even tell you how many beardies I have seen on tumblr, or other forums that have MBD because their owners never got them a uvb. Most of the time the owner doesn't even notice!

    Actually, I have something to show you.
    197491_10151121698234538_1725921534_n (1).jpg

    This rescue was brought to my friend's store (who by the way has bred beardies for 25 years and also says they need uvb). This is an extreme case of a bearded dragon who has never gotten uvb (it's also malnourished, but I won't get into that.) See how it's spine curves though? It's jaw is also like jelly. If you cared anything for your bearded dragon you would go get it a uvb right now.
  2. TigerIvy

    TigerIvy Elite Member

    Lizzy that picture made me want to cry *sobs*

    And cron...she is more then a little small? Even you noticed the size difference in my 4 month old and your 9 month old? Granted he is male and fed predominately Dubia Roach diet w/salads (and occasional butterworms, phoenix worms, now meal worms and on RARE occasions waxworms) but she is very tiny. I don't mean to tell you how to raise your beardie, but I have such a fantastic love for them. I mean gosh have you looked at pictures of newb? She was half chewed up by cage mates. She is (right now) 5 inches long. She had cuts all over her head, bruises on her and was half the size of her cage mates. I had to spend 2 days trying to coax her to eat, re hydrating her...When I brought her home 10 days ago she was 4 inches.

    Please please please at least try for a short certainly cannot hurt!!!


    Here is the difference UVB can make (sorry for quality on the first phone sucks butt cheeks)

    Spaz 2 months and 7 days ago ( 2 months exactly)

    Spaz yesturday (4 months 1 week)

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  3. SpookyCheerios

    SpookyCheerios Elite Member

    I reacted the same way when I first saw it, but then I just got mad. At least he's in good hands now. If it had been a female I don't think it would have even survived that long.
  4. TigerIvy

    TigerIvy Elite Member

    Omgosh Lizzy I know right! I am so worried for cron's little girl because when she starts that size she is liable to have some terrible issues. Sigh, I think I love them too much. I mean I think about all I went through with Meanass and taming him and Bertha's unknown white spot and Spaz and now Newb. ugg. I mean I know alot of people have many different herps but I just adore my beardies. Well and my dog lol

    Lizzy...could that poor dragon eat? Did it survive or did it need to be put down? *cries*
  5. SpookyCheerios

    SpookyCheerios Elite Member

    It's still alive right now, and receiving a lot of special care. It was severely malnourished, so it had to be hand fed. I'm not sure if it is eating on its own or not now. It was actually part of a breeding project that someone did who couldn't afford to keep the babies, so they had no uvb and very little food. Looking at it's back though...I don't know if it's actually in pain...but I can only imagine. I'm sure if it looks to be in pain and not trying to thrive they will do the right thing.
  6. TigerIvy

    TigerIvy Elite Member

    Oh my I do want to cry!! I remember when I brought Meanass home you could see bones on him and I felt so bad. That unshed skin was so tight and he was so cold. I wanted to cry as I set him into a warm bath and took that soft brush and started scrubbing. Then I started on feeding him and omgosh just watching him come through all everything was heartbreaking but heartwarming in a way. To this day...he never stops basking unless he is eating. For so long he had no UV, no heat and dried mealworms for food..he just seems to appreciate everything now and getting him where he actually wanted to come out - was a huge breakthrough.
  7. mld

    mld Subscribed User Premium Member

    What a sin, poor beardie :(
  8. crondiesel

    crondiesel Banned User

    it was slayer from reptile fourms hes a awesome reptile keeper even though i don't like him im going to go with his ways i trust his ways for keeping beardies
  9. crondiesel

    crondiesel Banned User

    ok just to say it again iv had a uvb on her when she was a baby and she was not growing and when i took the uvb off and just gave calcium with D3 (D3 is the calcium that they need for their bones to grow and not to NOT get MBD) she grew like a plant from last month when i had the uvb on to now there is better results with OUT the uvb im just saying

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  10. crondiesel

    crondiesel Banned User

    i have her out for at least 2 hours a day EVERY DAY and i have an out door enclsoure i put her in also when she is in a mood and dose not want to be heald
  11. Thalatte

    Thalatte Elite Member

    That is good enough then as she still gets UVB exposure.
  12. Majora

    Majora Elite Member

    You may have been told that she doesn't need UVB, and she may be doing great without it, but why would you NOT want to provide it? It definitely wouldn't hurt her, it can only help. Even though she may not need it, it can only be beneficial to her to provide it and err on the side of caution. Plus, then you wouldn't have to worry as much if for some reason you couldn't take her out for a period of time. Natural sunlight is obviously superior to a UVB bulb but it couldn't hurt to have that backup.
  13. crondiesel

    crondiesel Banned User

    if its that important witch i dont think it is but just to make u guys happy i have a 5.0 uvb bulb i can put on her... i know ur going to say ohh they need 10.0 but iv had one and literally all it does is make light,, im not here for u guys to try and teach me about my beardie if i needed help id ask but im doing every thing right and i know she is healthy.. but thanks for your guys concern...
  14. Pharoahound

    Pharoahound Elite Member

    Hello, no ones here to be rude or try to Force "teach you". And you don't see the heat lamps doing anything but when in actuality they heat the reptile and help on the inside digesting the food. And you say you didn't see her grow when it was on-she could have just had a growth spurt-and you might have not noticed she was growing-they grow so fast! And you shouldn't do it for us! You should want to make your dragon happy! An of course you don't have to believe us about it-if you trust the breeder cool, why dont you google some research about the UVB bulbs and see for yourself. :) also she does look healthy. They don't develop the disease over night. After years of not prosseses calcium makes them unhealthy.
  15. crondiesel

    crondiesel Banned User

    iv done alot of research on weather or not to have a uvb and alot of people say its not nessary because if u use the D3 calcium it goes into their blood stream and into their bones to promote bone growth and D3, the UVB light basically is its D3... so when she eats the crickets/roaches/superworms the d3 goes into her system and helps the bones and there for she does not need uvb so their is virtually no risk of getting mbd espically if i take her out for 1-2 hours each day in the sun when i can

    And you guys shouldnt worry to much because idk if i said it but the 55 gallon is a tempoary tank.. when i build his custom enclsoure im going to be making the tank with tunnels and what not and i will be adding uvb lights in there just for extra lighting so it will have uvb in there at some point but not now
  16. SpookyCheerios

    SpookyCheerios Elite Member

    Just to clarify, you do know that you are supposed to supplement with both regular calcium And D3 AND have a UVB. Which is what we all do. Too much D3 however can be really bad for beardies.
  17. Poison

    Poison Elite Member

    nothing wrong with trying out new things :) i love the setup by the way :)
  18. crondiesel

    crondiesel Banned User

    yes i do know that i have calcium with d3 and im actually glad u brought that up because i just looked at my new calcium i bought the other day they both have d3 in them so im going to have to run and pick up some with calcium A, i dont think the uvb is nessary imo because she comes outside alot but im going to be putting one or two UVB's in the new tank im going to be building
  19. crondiesel

    crondiesel Banned User

    Yea, Thanks ;)

    LOL i thought u said calcium A but the A in and was just in caps -__- i fail but yeah im going to get some calcium with out d3

    again thanks for sayin this or i would have never noticed, i got some without d3 it was 15 darrah but its worth it :)
  20. Thalatte

    Thalatte Elite Member

    Check your multivitamin to make sure it doesn't have vitamin A in it as that is bad too. It should have beta carotene instead...not sure of spelling on that.

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