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My Radiated Tortoise Not Eat Anything.

Discussion in 'Tortoises' started by nguyentrachuy, Nov 10, 2011.

  1. nguyentrachuy

    nguyentrachuy Active Member

    Dear all,

    I got one female radiated tortoise. i alway feed she with Repcal food for tortoise. She also really like it. I mixed repcal food with some fruit and vegetable. Morning i put she in water around 10 min for drink and clean dirty.
    On my backyard got the sun light from 6am to 9am. and afternoon from 2pm to 4pm.
    For night time, i bring she into my house and open the UVB 10.0 and one basking 100w. i keep she around 3 years and alway do like this.

    Now her size is 20cm. But 3 months ago until now, she not eat anythings. Few days she eat a little bit of salad. I am so worry about this. Don't know what is happening with my tortoise. she not eat around 3 months but she still strong and not lost weight. Her eyes still good.

    My country temperature is around 30 C degree.

    Pls help me to answer, what is the happening?

    Hope to saw your advice soon.

  2. justor

    justor Elite Member

    1. At night there should be no lights on your tortoise. They need darkness at night. You can use infrared night bulbs, or ceramic heaters, but not anything that emits visible light.

    2. What exactly do you feed in addition to the tortoise pellets? The diet should be mostly leafy greens(dandelion, clover, turnip etc.), weeds, and grasses. The pellets can be used as an occasional supplements, but check the contents. Some of those tortoise foods have excessively high amounts of protein. A much better supplement to use is Mazuri tortoise food.

    Can you tell us what type of enclosures she has? both the inside and outside ones. As well as what kind of substrate.
  3. Bishop

    Bishop Active Member

    When I had sulcata's, I mainly fed them weeds and greens. When you take your tortoise outside, put it in a grassy area where it can feed as well as get the UV light it needs. I purchased a little fencing that gave them a lot of room to play, but also that they couldn't run/walk off.

    Like justor said, no light at night. If you are worried about keeping the tortoise warm, get a heat emitter. Just ensure it has enough room in it's enclosure as the bigger they get, the larger the enclosure needs to be. What kind of substrate are you using? I used the timothy hay that I cut up with scissors. The tortoise can also eat the timothy hay if it gets hungry enough.

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