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My New Dumerils Boa

Discussion in 'Boas *General*' started by mancuso85, May 21, 2011.

  1. mancuso85

    mancuso85 Member

    Hey everyone, i bought my first snake (a dumerils boa) a few days ago....female, approx 4 and a half months old...gorgeous snake

    i've been going crazy trying to make sure i have everything perfectly set up for her. Shes currently in a 55 gallon tank, on 1 side i have a plastic rock hide, large water dish in the middle and a large piece of wood hide with plastic vines and plants draped onto it.....i have a 150 watt info red heat lamp over the wooden side. Im still waiting for my thermometer and humidity gauge to arrive (ordered online before i got her....unfortunately still waiting)

    shes very well behaved and calm....for the first 3 days i held her for about an hour a day....she only seemed nervous/ tense when i first picked her up out of the tank, but she seemed to calm down right away. But i noticed that when shes in her tank, she doesnt come out of her hides....not even at night. i make sure to leave the substrate smooth so i can see if shes been moving around, and nothing. so i figured she might just be nervous and trying to adjust to her new surroundings. Ive left her completely alone the last 2 days.....only checking in regularly for water changes and to make sure everything is clean
  2. aquarles

    aquarles Elite Member

    Congrats on your first snake!

    I don't own a dumerils boa but having a baby in a 55 gallon can be quite large for now! She might be overwhelmed with such a big space right now. I would have plenty of hides in there for her (at least 3). One on each side of the enclosure and a moist hide for shedding. I would just give her a week or so to get settled in. My baby corn snake (at the time) didn't come out at all either it seemed like. But she will eventually wonder around once she feels safe! :)

    Sorry I can't be more of help on the lighting and heating/temps and all that. I'm sure someone with better knowledge on dumerils boas will come along and help lol
  3. Merlin

    Merlin Administrator Staff Member Premium Member

    Welcome to HC! Dum's are beautiful boas.

    First off with any new snake it is advisable to leave them alone for a week to let them get settled in. No handling.
    You really need to get some way of checking the temperatures now. If they are off by a few degrees it could mean the difference in success or failure, particularly with a baby.
    If the snake is hiding all the time, it is either stressed or possibly the temperatures are not sufficient. For now at least get a cheap thermometer so you have some ballpark idea of what the temps are in there until your digitals arrive. Temperatures are something that you just can't guess at.
  4. mancuso85

    mancuso85 Member

    yea the size was a bit of a worry to me as well....but i have lots of places for her to hide and burrow away in....i ended up leaving her alone, and i actually put a dark blanket up around the tank for a few days....i stole a peak here and there and she was actually alot more mobile

    your advice was much appreciated
  5. mancuso85

    mancuso85 Member

    i understand what you mean....the thermometer was supposed to arrive already, im very irritated that it hasnt. i spent quite a bit on it, so you can imagine how i feel about having to guy a temporary one.....i did however come home to a surprise this afternoon.....(a sign of very good things if im not mistaken)

    By dan_mancuso at 2011-05-22

    By dan_mancuso at 2011-05-22

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  6. mancuso85

    mancuso85 Member

    ...but yes i will get a temp until it arrives. thanks for the advice man
  7. mld

    mld Subscribed User Premium Member

    I just love the look/patterns of the Dumerils Boa:x Good Luck and enjoy!
  8. mancuso85

    mancuso85 Member

    yea they are gorgeous snakes....thanks very much :)

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