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My New Chameleon

Discussion in 'Chameleons' started by Whit_Whit, Apr 8, 2017.

  1. Whit_Whit

    Whit_Whit Member

    Hi everyone!

    Soooooo i have literally watched every single youtube ever made about baby male veiled chameleons and i WAS planning on getting a baby one from lll reptiles, based outta CA, BUUUT today i went to my local pet store (petco) to pick up some extra foliage for my ReptiBreeze and whelp eveytime over the last few months chameleons have come and gone expect one male.

    so to day i asked the empolees in depth about him and i ended up leaving with a 9month old male veiled chameleon today, he appears to be non-aggressive ( he climed onto my hand out of his GLASS terrarium at the pet store) so here r my questtions since i ended up with a 9month old and was planning on starting with a baby.

    1) I was planning to start the baby in my 16x16x20 reptibreeze, so i did but my lil guy in there cuz it was all set up and all the lights have been set n tested for that cage. BUT i also have my 24x24x48 PARTIALLY set up for once the "baby" was growing and able to understand catching the crickets. Should i just go ahead and over the next week fully set up the XL cage and put the 9month old in there?

    2) i am using an exo-terra dripper plant, has anyone used this product? i couldn't find any positive or negative reviews on youtube

    3) the pet store said they had only been feeding him 5 crickets a soon as i got him to my house in the cage he started eating the live ficus plant i had in there so i assumed he was hungry and gave him 5 more crickets and he ate them all.... so were they under feeding him?

    4) i will attach a pic of his current set up.... please any suggestions are welcome!

    Thanks so much,


    IMG_2019.JPG IMG_2022.JPG IMG_2021.JPG
  2. Mem0rypathherps

    Mem0rypathherps New Member

    For number one i would just go ahead and house him in the bigger cage because in the long run its gonna be less stressful for him if you put him in the smaller cage you'd have to move him in the bigger one in the next month or so. So what i would do is just move everything over into the bigger one and keep him in that one. At his size i would feed him 20 to 30 crickets every other day because he's growing more now than ever and as far as the dropper iv'e never actually used one i always just sprayed the cage down twice a day even though you have the dropper i'd still spray twice a day just to be safe but yeah it couldn't hurt to have one in there i could see it being nice if you go somewhere for the day and don't get the chance to spray his cage down. Hope this helps
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  3. Whit_Whit

    Whit_Whit Member

    Thank u so much, i actually just got done moving him to the larger cage he deff seemed upset with me right now but hope he will adjust sooner than later to the changes.

    i need more sturdy branches for him to climb on but me putting my hands in there to adjust things seems to just make him more aggravated so i am gonna just leave it how it is now and hope in a few days i can add more sturdy branches.... i will attach photo of how my set up is now....

    IMG_2037.JPG IMG_2036.JPG IMG_2034.JPG
  4. kriminaal

    kriminaal HH Block Leader Staff Member Premium Member

    Veileds are a very unique reptile. I had a breeding pair in the past.
    You need to provide a lot of humidity for Veileds and that enclosure is going to be tough to do so.
    You need a fogger or misting system to be able to keep the humidity up. Screened habitats are not great for that but with a good misting system it might work.
    The reason I HAD a pair in the past was they died (unpleasantly) from insufficient humidity. So I know what I'm talking about in this aspect.
    They also require time in the shower under a light rain.
    They are sold as a beginner reptile but really they are not and require a lot of maintenance. Not difficult to keep but more care than most.
  5. Whit_Whit

    Whit_Whit Member

    thank u very much, i do live in FL so i do have high humidity naturally and i boycott air conditioning as much as possible and try to leave my house open most of the year, i have been able so far threw misting heavily 2x a day with warm water, i also have 2 large live ficus plants in with him to help with the humidity, but thank you, i have been looking into a misting system so it will b on a timer. any suggestions on one?
  6. kriminaal

    kriminaal HH Block Leader Staff Member Premium Member

    Ah, I should have asked where you lived. Florida is definitely a plus.
    MistKing makes really good ones.
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  7. Whit_Whit

    Whit_Whit Member

    thanks, ill look into them

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