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My Little Guy Isn't Eating...

Discussion in 'Green Tree Pythons' started by biakbuddy, Jun 5, 2008.

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  1. biakbuddy

    biakbuddy Active Member

    My green tree python is about 5 months old and about a month ago started passing up food... He/she has ate once in the past month and I didn't think he/she was going to eat at all then. Its really starting to scare me and I was just wondering if anyone could help me out?

    He has also been getting on the floor a lot lately and I can't really get him to drink from his water bowl. Any advice would be great.
  2. mshrmheadcharge

    mshrmheadcharge Moderator Staff Member Premium Member

    Can you tell us a little bit about your set up? Temps, humidity, enclosure size, substrate? How are you certin he has not been drinking from the water bowl?
  3. biakbuddy

    biakbuddy Active Member

    Its an exo-terra 18"x18"x24". I know I should have wood housing and currently in the process of building something. The humidity is always between 70 and 80 percent. I currently have a fogger system and a dripper system. He seems to drink from the dripper... at least I've seen him drink from it but just not his water bowl. He still looks dehydrated and when I mist the tank sometimes he will come right up to the mister and drink from the end of it. I have just been wracking my brain trying to figure out how to help him. good news though. I did get him to eat this morning when I got off work.
  4. biakbuddy

    biakbuddy Active Member

    oh and substrate is a mix of coconut bark and repti bark
  5. schlegelbagel

    schlegelbagel Frog Lover Premium Member

    Can you up your misting to more times in the day? I would ditch the fogger, they have been known to shock animals and often malfunction. And truthfully, do little for humidity. Mostly they just look neat.

    And what are your temps?
  6. biakbuddy

    biakbuddy Active Member

    I work about 12 hours a day so it would be kinda hard to mist him more. I already mist him 3 to 4 times a day. How could the fogger shock him? I also think the fogger makes a big difference in humidity because with it on there is a 20% increase in humidity in the top and bottom of the tank... I will try to get an automatic mister soon
  7. biakbuddy

    biakbuddy Active Member

    the temps are 78 to 80 at night and 88 to 92 in the day.
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