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My little growing up...

Discussion in 'Boas *General*' started by crash_reborn, Sep 13, 2004.

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  1. crash_reborn

    crash_reborn Elite Member

    as most of you know - i got kain - my baby yellow anaconda - about 3 or 4 weeks ago (somewhere along those lines) - and i am still as psyched about him as the day i got him!

    there is one hugely fasinating thing though - this being how fast this little booger grows

    when i first got him - he fit in my hand (coiled) - now - he wraps my entire hand (i have big hands - widthwise) with several coils - like 3 - and has a vice grip...of doom ;)

    when first recieved - his body wasnt as long as his 20L - but now - hes longer by about 2 or 3 inches...

    when held - he wont hesitate to crack your knuckles for you - only so you dont have to do so yourself :p

    hes my little buddy - and i LOVE him to pieces!

    my little boy is growing up! ::glows::

    with the short time i have had him - he has been NO trouble - well - aside from the first day - when he was a serpent chainsaw from hades...

    but second day - he started warming up - and hasnt struck since (cept fer prey items - which he LOVES to maul for some reason - he will sit in his water - and watch the food above - he will raise up out of the water and follow the food - i had him standing almost as high as the 20L last night...well - not THAT high - but about 1/4 of his body straight up with no support underneath... for a frozen thaw mouse - he got up there - and "sniffed" for a split second and ...whered that mouse go?!?!? he is lightning when he strikes - and i know now for sure if he wanted to tag me - i wouldnt be able to dodge it...

    i will argue to DEATH against the concept that yellow anacondas are evil snakes that cannot be handled

    my boy has a strong bond to me - and loves to show me just how strong it really is when i try to put him back in his enclosure...

    he actually loves being handled - and is extremely curious...

    he loves to be handled for LONG periods of time - (i have naturally warm hands) - particularly when we watch a movie - he will move around - in and out between my fingers until he is comfortable - "latch" in place - and wont move until you try to move him - in which case - his typical movements are an inward crushing movement set - to which he sees fit to squeeze fingers to the point of snap crackel pop - but if you insist - he will "resituate himself" and latch back down

    this is great - if you dont mind having purple fingertips (even at rest - he is rediculously strong - this strength isnt "tension" - it just natural to an anaconda - as they are some of the strongest snakes in the world - and some of the heaviest) - if he was tense - i would gladly recomend him for use as a tornaquet - i am simply amazed at the little boys power!!!

    ***Material below a tad graphic - younger readers - and those with a sensative stomach - beware! - you've been warned

    remember the movie anaconda - yeah - that cheaply made garbage flick...

    there was a corny scene in there where the anaconda ate a black panther (the animal - lol) - and the scene "closed" with the panthers eyeball laying on the ground - showing that it had been squeezed so tight its eye poped out....

    this sort of thing isnt far from the truth

    my yellow - who is just over 3 foot i think - takes 2med or 1 large mouse a week - and when he coils it - i have see the eyes of a mouse bug out to the point they come out of the socket

    and on an even worse note - he will sometimes squeeze prey items so hard - that he forces an abdominal tear with subsequent pressure essentially disembowling the mouse....

    none of my other snakes do this - only him - but it is quite frequent - and quite nasty...

    for anyone who read this and lost lunch - or is to young to know what the word "subsequent" means - i warned ya that it was a tad gross ... take heed nexttime
  2. DarkMagician207

    DarkMagician207 Elite Member

    lol ew about the food thing but i'm glad yur enjoying him. :D
  3. Python John

    Python John Elite Member


    whats with people today

    posting a nice ol' post, making us love their herps even more...

    then dont post pics!!


    sounds like he's doing great

    ive heard about eyes "bugging out" from rats with larger red tails, but never OUT of the socket.
  4. Inphormatika

    Inphormatika Elite Member

    That is so cool.... Post pics!!! :)
  5. crash_reborn

    crash_reborn Elite Member

    he'll occasionally squeeze, make a mess, and abandon it - i dont think you want a pick of a mouse with its inards pushed through the abdomin - its quite nasty - and not to fun to clean up - but IF its fresh - meaning he did it - left it - and you go RIGHT in and get it - and reoffer it to him - he typically takes - i will do my best to get some pics up as soon as possible - but im afraid it may be a day or two - as 1 - i kick myself in the rear for allowing it to happen - but i upgraded to winxp pro and left it with no protection - didnt even download the new security patches - procrastinated

    last night - our PC was hit...and hit hard...

    i recognize the virus that was loaded as i have written one like it (dont point fingers - it was a school project - i have a degree in computer programming)

    it is uploaded and autoran - it reboots the computer - catches windows before the directory and file level securities and restrictions take place - and starts wiping out files - system files, config files, anything specified within the code...

    then crashes the machine

    go to cut it back on - you get an NTLOADER not found error

    NTLOADER is a WinXP bootfile and is the first file winxp (or any 32 bit Microsoft NTFS Formated OS) looks for - and if it cant find it - BOOM - lockup - says files missing - and to "press any key to reboot"

    if you gave it NTLOADER from the windows disk - it would find that - and when it couldnt find the next file - it would ask for that...

    the virus i wrote took out over 1000 files throughout windows - from everywhere including the system and system32 directories - the windows directory - the root directory - which is where your boot files are "hidden"...

    it would be a headache to spend all that time on reloading the files - and odds are - windows wouldnt function properly anyway - as with the programs we loaded have changed some config files for windows - and loading a config file that hasnt recieved these changes would make windows do what windows does best

    i am going to reload the OS - get back online - download my fav freeware antivirus software - and activate the basic defaul windows firewall - download the win updates - and then add a firewall from a collection of softwares that i have accumulated

    i have a little windows 98 laptop - but i am going to load slackware linus on it...

    all that would only take 2 hours or so - but we are ALSO going to be getting our iguana tonight!

    ill get pics up of THAT too - as soon as our Computer is fixed
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