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My Huge Critter Family

Discussion in 'Herp Photos' started by RockyGurly, Oct 11, 2013.

  1. RockyGurly

    RockyGurly Well-Known Member

    Hey all :) I've been lurking for awhile but I'm not overly active. For the past few months, I've been working hard to expand my critter family and provide for everyone since I've gotten over two dozen critters since August. A lot of them are brought to me, some I stumble upon and take home, and a few I find on the internet and go pick up. But most of them are rescues, one of them was a birthday present and one was a birthday present/rescue. I don't have pictures of everyone, some of them are too stressed out, too new, or too sick. But here's some of the pictures I do have
    So without further ado... My messy critter room! I have all the stuff (a mini fridge, sink and all the food and cleaning stuff) in the laundry room next to it. I also just got a nice shelving unit from H.H 8)
    001 (2).jpg
    011 (2).jpg
    My three baby corn snakes

    The geckos, Pecan and Peanut

    The hermit crabs

    Well, that's some of them :p I have to make another post to get 25 more pictures in, so bear with me

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  2. RockyGurly

    RockyGurly Well-Known Member

    Aaaand the tarantulas, Aragog and Shelob (ten points to whoever gets that)
    Slinky, my lovely baby blue tongued skink, and Luna and Sybil, two ACFs I got a month ago :) They were really thin but they've gained a lot of weight and they're doing a lot better
    025 (2).jpg
    016 (2).jpg

    And finally, the snakes! :D There are a few more adults, but one's an (unfortunately) emaciated female and the other is fairly old and shy enough that I haven't bugged him with my camera yet. This big beauty is Cornelius, a ridiculously large male (or so I'm told, but he looks pretty big compared to my others) and a ridiculously sweet guy. We hang out on the couch often
    And the babies! :) I've had William Snakespear (the butter) since he was practically a hatchling, he's a couple months old now. He's calming down a lot and has a kinky tail

    And this is Duchess and Archimedes, two babies I picked up today. It was the typical "I bred my pets for fun and now I don't know what to do with all the babies" thing but I'm glad I was able to pick up these guys, they're outgoing and healthy, and I think they're about 4 months old. Duchess is the slim female snow, she still has some pink in her, and she has a beautiful little face, narrow head, and long body. Her brother is shorter, stockier and a bit more flighty and he's going to be a stunning snake, I can tell
    Phew.. well that's it for now! :)
  3. lopez82

    lopez82 Elite Member

    You're making a Harry potter and lord of the rings reference.
    Shelob is featured in lord of the rings. Smeagol lures Sam and Frodo Shelobs lair in an attempt at getting the one ring. Sam uses his vial of elf light to repulse Shelob. I don't recall if Shelob is actually killed or just heavily wounded. I'm pretty sure she's killed.

    Aragog is another giant spider, but from Harry potter . Ron and Harry encounter him and his kin in the forest near Hogwarts and him and his kin try to kill them. Harry and Ron are rescued by a magic car.
    I'll take my ten points.
    Nice pics by the way.
  4. RockyGurly

    RockyGurly Well-Known Member

    I brought home a new little dude today :) He looks alright, but his owner was feeding him wild mice :S So he's going to the vets on monday for a fecal/bloodwork. He seems much happier off the potting soil though~
  5. jdandlucy

    jdandlucy Elite Member

    i thought my male corn snake was big at 600 grams. yours looks to be pushing 800 grams or better.
  6. RockyGurly

    RockyGurly Well-Known Member

    My scale hasn't come in yet, but he's easily really close to a kilogram (I think?) I never realized what a behemoth he was until I got Phoenix, who's way older than Corny. Good thing he has a behemoth sized tank!
  7. boidaesplace

    boidaesplace Well-Known Member

    Thats totally awesome what you're doing there! We'll get some photos in of our collection soon, but we totally respect, and wish there were many more folks out there who had such a heart for these creatures! If you get a chance check out a video (hope it's ok to mention another site??) Herp, click on the videos tab on top, and scroll down to the video tagged "Heres to Reptiles"
    Keep up the great work!
  8. RockyGurly

    RockyGurly Well-Known Member

    That was an awesome video! And thank you for the encouragement :) I'm just doing what I can with what I have right now (which isn't enough for some people, but too much for others, so I guess it's kind of at the awkward stage right now) but I really love it, and I don't think I'll ever stop.
    I got emailed about a retired breeder crestie who needs a home, I really hope I can get a hold of her, she looks way too skinny to be breeding. I finally got an appointment with the vet so Phoenix is going in for a full fecal and bloodwork and I'm bringing the three babies in for fecals because they're cheap. I've also started getting my profile and work together so I can start working and pad my application to get into the vet tech program I want next year :D
    And just a kind of funny note. I'm getting grad photos tomorrow and the guy told us to bring in some stuff for props for the "props" portion of things, and since I don't do sports or clubs or music or anything like that, I'm going to bring Cornelius and Slinky in with me. It's only 10 minutes away and should only take 20 minutes, so I'm not worried about them. They're dolls, and Corny is pretty photogenic, but hey, it's free professional pictures of me with them 8)
    Corny also produced an absolutely perfect shed that measures somewhere between 5"3 and 5"7, it's hard to tell because it's a little crinkly, but I'm going to get a picture of me lying down beside it since I'm only 5"4 o3o
  9. Wyldrose

    Wyldrose Elite Member

    Wow awesome collection :) I love your strawberry hermit crab, they are so hard to find here. I have a couple purple pinchers :)

    My biggest cornsnake is 1023grams, he is huge compared to the rest of my adult corns.
  10. RockyGurly

    RockyGurly Well-Known Member

    Well I was a little off, I finally got a nice scale set up and Corny weighed in at almost 900 grams. But hey, he's still growing 8) I found some XL mice for him since the normal ones seem so inadequate and he's always hungry, but I might try small rats or something. If all else fails he'll just start getting more mice to support his bulk.
    Corny got upgraded to a new taller tank so Slinky got upgraded to Corny's old tank (it was a bleaching kind of weekend) We're waiting for the results from Phoenix's tests and Slinky's enjoying the space but is kinda PO'd that he was moved. I found a bunch of small ceramic dishes so all the small guys got nicer dishes too 8)
    Other than that, I'm hoping to hear back from this guy with a pregnant rat before she gives birth. (and no, don't ask, they're not for food) and the frogs got new silk plants
    Slinky being grumpy in his huge new home

    I finally got a picture of me lying next to Corny's latest shed
  11. RockyGurly

    RockyGurly Well-Known Member

    I got the rats! Just in time too, because the critter family is about to get bigger. One of the girls is in labour

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