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My Herpies (Picture Heavy)

Discussion in 'Herp Photos' started by Treven, Jun 21, 2013.

  1. Treven

    Treven Member

    My mom got some good shots of the herps today.

    First here is Drako. He is 2+ years old. 39 inches long. He eats well and sheds like a champ. He just shed the other night. Him and Kaa shed the same night. He has none of the Ball Python quirks. We got lucky with this boy. Nothing but sweetness.

    Next up is Kaa. We can only assume he 7 months old since that is how he was sold to us. 24 inches long now. He throws tantrums when he has to go back in his enclosure. He has grown a good 3 inches since we got about 5 weeks ago. He just shed the other day and is looking mighty good. We had a heat light on for him but we recently switched to a heat pad and now he seems much happier and much more active. I think shedding helped his activity level as well. My mom does a lot of worrying about him because he is a baby and she tends to just worry over babies.

    This is Crush, my sisters corn snake. He is around 2 years old at best guess. 54 inches long. We are still getting to this guy. So far we have discovered he is sensitive after he eats for close to a week. I think he is getting ready to shed because he is usually much brighter in color.

    Odysseus here is the snake we fostering for the summer from my sisters high school. She is an aggressive eater but sweet any other time. She was extremely underweight we brought her home a month ago but she is slowly putting weight on. We don't have a scale but it is obvious. This picture is from about 2 weeks ago and my mom will take a new one after she sheds. She is in shed right now and just ate so she is a grump and needs her privacy.

    And then we get to the amazing Dragons.
    First up we have Spike. He is a german giant red citrus(at least that is how we purchased him). We estimate he is 7 months old. He came from a breeder that said he hatched around Thanksgiving. He is a big boy. He eats anything and loves bananas. If he is out and someone is having a banana he will run to them and just steal their banana. My little sisters think this crazy funny.

    This is Ozzy. Also about 7 months old. She is sweet and more laid back then Spike. She is a normal that we got from PetSmart(our last petsmart purchase). She was estimated to have hatched around Thanksgiving as well and it seems fairly accurate. Probably not a perfect estimation but probably not too far off. She is significantly smaller then Spike. She loves salad time and leaps across their enclosure when you set the salad in.

    Here they are together. They love being together. Little sweeties.

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  2. justor

    justor Elite Member

    Really nice collection haha.

    I was nervous at first about opening a 'picture heavy' thread entitled 'my herpies' lol.
  3. Treven

    Treven Member

    LOL!!! Herpies not herpes.
  4. lopez82

    lopez82 Elite Member

    I like the collectIon man!
  5. Ieasa

    Ieasa Elite Member

    Herpies? Oh my son!

    I love our babies!
  6. JoeyG

    JoeyG Subscribed User Premium Member

    Nice pix! You have some nice animals!
  7. Versicolor

    Versicolor Well-Known Member

    Amazing animals! They all look happy and healthy. Just don't let me stand to close to you.
    I kid, I kid. That was the best auto correct I've seen! Haha!
  8. Ieasa

    Ieasa Elite Member

    We have a new one to add now. I will get a picture today of the wee guy for ya.
  9. CryHavoc17

    CryHavoc17 Elite Member

    They are all beautiful! Keep up the good work!
  10. Treven

    Treven Member

    Here is a picture of the baby Dragon. I am still in discussion with my 5 year old sister about a name so I will get back to ya on that. This is the one my sister chose to keep from the 4 we got. He/she likes to eat from the baby spoon in the picture. My mom uses that spoon to scoop up baby dubias so she doesn't have to touch them. Wimp.

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  11. Wyldrose

    Wyldrose Elite Member

    Nice collection :) Love the new baby too! I wish my beardies would breed for me they just like to hang out and eat!!
  12. Ieasa

    Ieasa Elite Member

    Ahh...feel blessed. There are far too many beardy babies out there then there are good homes for them.

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