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My First Hognose

Discussion in 'Hognose Snakes' started by bradenbundy, Nov 5, 2012.

  1. bradenbundy

    bradenbundy Member

    hello i just got a hognose given too me last night and to be honest i didnt really know much about them. i have him in a 35 gallon tank with aspen bedding thats abot 2 inches deep with a water dish and a hide box even though they love to burrow. i have been doing alot of reading on these little guys last night and this morning but if anyone has any further information on anything i would love too know as the this is mainly the wifes snake she does not like my rock python or my boas :) lol
  2. scalesntails

    scalesntails Member


    They are very easy to care for. i would recomend a coco fiber substrate rather than sand or anything like that just because sand can dry snakes out, even sand boas.. This gives them the chance to create burrows and hide. I have about 3 or 4 inches with mine. also you can feed them every 3 -6 days. i would love to see pics hoggies are wiked cool snakes. You can pretty much take care of him like a corn snake its very simular in husbandry.
  3. bradenbundy

    bradenbundy Member

    oh wow ok very cool and i would love to show you but i unfortunately dont know how to have more than one pic uploaded on here at a time lol but anyway i have aspen bedding in there now and he burrows in it all the time lol i didnt know about feeding them that often. i have always had boas and pythons. and as far as temperature what should it be?

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