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My Female Iggy Have Never Eaten By Herself Since Last Year

Discussion in 'Green Iguanas' started by plumpy, Oct 4, 2015.

  1. Merlin

    Merlin Administrator Staff Member Premium Member

    Sorry but telling anyone, no matter where they live, that dry cat food is an acceptable part of the iguanas diet is completely wrong! I have been keeping iguanas since the 70's and that cat food bit is 40 years out of date! I have been there and watched as we learned more and more about them and the recommendation to feed them animal protein WILL kill them.

    There is no reason to feed them something like cat food just for your convenience.
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  2. TamJam

    TamJam Elite Member

    Plumpy are you still there? We really want to help you get your iguana back on the right track!

    Please keep her off animal protein and get her on the proper iguana diet, and can you post up some pictures of her enclosure for us?
  3. plumpy

    plumpy Member

    Im here. It's really hard for me to write sentences in English.
    So that i decided to take a english class to get help from you guys.. my iggys fine for now,
    . I havent fed her any meat or bread after you gave me a advice but she still seems not to be interested in any vegies and i found her gravid again.. it's her second gravity... this time i dont want her to absorb her eggs again because then she will never eat any food if shes absorbing her eggs in her again as she did. How can i help her lay her eggs successfully?
  4. plumpy

    plumpy Member

    And i feed her this once a day>>Jump-Start Caloric Supplement Appetite Stimulant Reptile Turtle 4.25oz Zilla) cuz ive heard this is a good appetite stimulate and good for iguanas that dont eat while they're gravid.. but i think it also dont help her appetite back (i have tried this for a few weeks once a day) and i found out this product contains cod liver oil and soybean oil. Do you think those oil can be harmful to my iggy?
  5. plumpy

    plumpy Member

    And I do really appreciate to all of you for your care about my iggy. She's a part of my life and i can't imagine my life without her. Please keep helping my iggy if you dont mind
  6. TamJam

    TamJam Elite Member

    I don't know about that supplement you said you give her once a day. I would not give her anything at all except clean water and the correct iguana diet. You have to stick to the correct foods for iguanas. If she is able to do so at all at this point, she will begin to eat the right things if you continue to offer them to her. But if you keep giving her other things, like that supplement, she may never get the appetite she needs to eat properly and be a normal growing iguana.
  7. plumpy

    plumpy Member

    I do always thank you for you TamJam. I haven't given her anything for 3 days but she doesn't still want to eat vegies but meat. She followed after me today when I was eating grilled meat. by the way she seems energetic even though for 3days she haven't eaten anything but only water contained calcium powder. I know I should be stubborn for my iggy to regain her appetite. so I will be more stubborn than my iggy.
  8. plumpy

    plumpy Member

    this is the most recent pics on my iggy. I will post more!

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  9. plumpy

    plumpy Member

    (first I'm sorry about my awful english)
    and..I FOUND HER GRAVID. I made her a nesting box , filled it up with dirt. She went in, tasted it but she don't walk in there unless I force her to bring her in the box

    She's pooping everyday and I give her warm baths everyday. she looks good and is active during the day.

    Her belly is founded and with soft strokes you can tell the eggs are there.
    whenever she's in her nesting box , she always do nothing but just sleeps or lie down with her legs stretched.
    she never digs dirt and try to lay her eggs... last year it was the first time she was gravid and she has just abosorbed her eggs in her.
    I'm afraid of her abosrboing eggs again.

    My worry is:
    my iggy seems to do not have interest in laying eggs in the nesting box and doesn't seem to be in a hurry to lay. So don't know what to provide.

    P.s: should I have to block light(uvb light) in the nesting box ?

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