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My Current Custom Tank (So Far) 6x3x2

Discussion in 'General Construction' started by ArmyMedic, Sep 1, 2013.

  1. Vers

    Vers Elite Member

    It would be a good idea to grab a reflector for that fixture, otherwise you won't be directing as much UV towards the animal as you could be. If you can't find one that fits you might be able to mock on up yourself using a 4' strip of metal with a mirrored finish, be it a piece of aluminum (finished edges), ducting or short gutter section lined with metallic tape. For future reference, is a great source for UV lighting setups.
  2. ArmyMedic

    ArmyMedic Well-Known Member

    no joke, was just looking at that website before i tabbed over to see if you replied..i really like there 48inch T5 even comes with 2 bulbs for only 127.00...

    quick side question have you any experience with Mistking? or similar misting units?
  3. Vers

    Vers Elite Member

    Haha, yeah it's a reliable source--Todd is a great person to order through. As far as mist systems go, unfortunately I only keep uros, so I have no experience with any. I have heard one particular system is notorious for producing shoddy components, but I don't recall which one it was. If I ever were to keep a reptile that required frequent misting, I'd probably rig one up myself.
  4. ArmyMedic

    ArmyMedic Well-Known Member

    Do you have any experience with the light fixtures? i want to be able to mount it on the ceiling..will these allow that?

    I want this tank to be very self sustaining...Automatic misting and fogging...lights on a timmer...the only thing i will have to do is daily spot cleaning and changing the water :)
  5. Vers

    Vers Elite Member

    Yes, I have experience with different fixtures. By 'these', are you referring to those I linked or the linear fluorescent you purchased? Either way, they all can be mounted on the ceiling of the enclosure. I use the weatherproofed circular work 'boxes' in all of my lower enclosures due to their relatively low profile. The box itself can be screwed (3/4" screws) to the top of the enclosure or to a separate board with a channel running down the back in order to run your wiring down without stringing it through a hole in the top or allowing it to be exposed. Of course you can use conduit, flexible corrugated cable cover/loom or PVC as well. Are you installing switches or are you running power cables directly to a timer and outlet? In any case, if you haven't seen my enclosures yet I'd strongly advise checking it out--I'll save me a bit of time trying to explain how I have things set up.
  6. ArmyMedic

    ArmyMedic Well-Known Member

    Sorry guess i should have explained what light fixture i was talking about..the ones sold by Light Your Reptiles

    I did take a look at your enclosure...that and what you have told me on here i think i have a pretty good idea on what im going to thank you very much :)
  7. Vers

    Vers Elite Member

    Yes, the fixtures sold by LYR can be mounted to the enclosure ceiling. I'm not certain how the double/quad bulb fixtures are mounted (I assume they have screw pilot holes) but the single fixtures have a rail and clip system. You simply mount two c-clips to the ceiling and push the fixture (with the bulb removed, of course) into place. Done and done. You would need to buy 3/4" flat head/low profile head screws though--the stock screws are not only cheaply made but they will be far too long to mount directly to 3/4" material.
  8. ArmyMedic

    ArmyMedic Well-Known Member

    Just finished my last coat of sealant...siliconed the corners...about to drill the top on and finish the trim...I'm also excited bc I just ordered a mistking my plan is to have that mist the cage in the morning n evening....and have the humidifier setup to keep the humidity at around 70-80% with no effort on my part...except for all the money I'm dumping on this **** thing lol...
    I can't wait for this weekend bc I will have lots more pics ...I'm also going to work on his hide box...that btw will have a hole drilled into it for one of the humidifier tubes...ahhh so close to being done...I want a good 3 weeks to do a test run before my tegu gets here in late Oct early Nov...going to be a beautiful blue tegu from Johnny at who btw is amazing and if any of you guys are interested in it take you I highly recommend talking to him
  9. Runningmom

    Runningmom Elite Member

    I was going to ask about pictures :) but will wait for this weekend if I must. Lol. Sounds like you've had a good time doing this project.
  10. ArmyMedic

    ArmyMedic Well-Known Member

    this one is for you buddy..thanks or the idea!! it came out perfect and the dimmer works awesome!!! i have 3 of the sockets hooked up to the dimmer and 1 hooked up to the like you said if it gets to hot..only 1 of them will go off :)


    the outlet may not look the prettiest but its gonna be hiding so i dont long as there are no hot wires we are good...

    and again..thank you for the idea :)

    @Runningmom i promise i will have lots more pics this weekend!!!!!! and yes i'm having so much fun with this project!! its teaching me alot...not just about reptiles but just general construction...skills that i have learned from here i can use towards other if my gf ever needs me to be the man around the house..hahaha ;)

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  11. Runningmom

    Runningmom Elite Member

    It's nice that you got her excited about the Tegu also! It's the opposite for me. I have to get my husband more into them. He talks to my pets lol. He does not help with the care of them. Except that he pays for the food and housing and stuff. But I hope when my baby bearded dragon gets a little bigger he will hold her.

    Also LIght your reptiles is great. I just ordered lights recently when they had a buy two get one free. And the package came pretty timely. Not like amazon fast but it was pretty quick ;)
  12. Vers

    Vers Elite Member

    Looks good, brotha...happy to help!
  13. ArmyMedic

    ArmyMedic Well-Known Member

    she was a lil scared about basically having a 4 foot dragon in her house..but then i started talking about them and showing videos about if you treat them right(Just like any animal) you can get so much love from them!...what really sold her was holding one!! so yeah im pretty lucky that she is almost as excited as me :)

    do you have the dual light fixutres from them? b.c thats what i might be buying!

    i love amazon shipping!! i just ordered my mistking setup from amazon and its going to be here on sat..shipped the same morning!!
  14. Runningmom

    Runningmom Elite Member

    I just bought tube lights. The UVB lights. No I don't have the dual lights. I should look into those.
  15. CryHavoc17

    CryHavoc17 Elite Member

    As far as misters/foggers go I did something similar for my iguana and here is what I did that worked really well after screwing around with other set ups that I didn't like:

    I got a very large high output and high capacity human ultrasonic humidifier. I t looks like overkill but it works perfectly. I picked it up at lowes for 60 bucks. The really nice thing is that the resevior holds enough water to run for about 4 days between fills. The unit I picked out has a very precisely adjustable output. So all I had to do was lock in the output level I need to keep my cage where I want it during the day and plug it into my daytime lighting timer. Set it and forget it. Lights click on, so does the humidifier, humidity stays right where I want it all day, lights click off, so does the humidifier. All I have to do is fill the resevoir twice a week
  16. Thalatte

    Thalatte Elite Member

    Havoc can you tell is the name or post a picture of your humidifier?
  17. CryHavoc17

    CryHavoc17 Elite Member

    Thal its an Idylis brand model S55C-AE1 but I really don't think the brand/model is very important. If your thinking about mimicking my setup you just need to make sure the controls are analog not digital. A digital until will give you better output control but you will have to manually turn it on in the morning when the lights come on, the standard outlet timer doesnt seem to work to turn on a digital unit. which isn't that big of a deal when its the only humidity maintenance thing you have to do all day ever. But an analogue unit be even more hands off, provided you can get the output right.

    I really like the hands free hassel free approach to humidity set up. I'm anal-retentive as all get out when it comes to temps and humidity for my reptiles and anything to make that automatic is pefect for me, especially when your shooting for high high humidity levels (I keep my ig at 90% or higher during the day with a dry out period at night) as an added bonus this setup wont cost you an arm and a leg in misters and an additional controller (whatever the **** you call those things... hygrostat? I dunno) and they last forever. My unit is on 8 months of running 12 hours a day every day without an issue
  18. ArmyMedic

    ArmyMedic Well-Known Member

    Light question

    So im going to have 4 PAR 38 Outdoor halogen 90Watt Bulbs for his basking.

    my quesion is in regards to the strip lights...should i have Two Arcadia 12% Bulbs or one Arcadia 12% and one 6.5k Day-light Bulbs. Im not sure if the Halogen bulbs produce UVA or not..anyone know? the Halogen bulbs are like 2.6k

    Any help is good help :)
  19. ArmyMedic

    ArmyMedic Well-Known Member

    I didnt like the way i did the dimmer...sooooo i changed it..added a handy box and drilled it to the back of the tank..i was pretty proud of myself not gonna lie..haha it looks pretty cool :)

    this is just a pick of the spot light set up and installed on the wall....kinda mad i found all brownish black color pieces except for the cover...might just paint it..idk tank03.jpg

    this is just the vents that i installed on the tank...i may have to close these but we shall see how well i can keep the humidity up

    thats all for tonight...i still havent figured out what im going to do for the legs....ugh

    more pics to come later tomorrow when my Mistking system comes in

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  20. Vers

    Vers Elite Member

    Hey man, there are a few issues you're going to want to address here. First and foremost, those connections need to be in some sort of protective junction box. Leaving them exposed as they are is a serious fire hazard. I would just grab a couple octagonal work boxes with covers and connectors for the knockouts/holes you plan to run wiring through. The connectors are crucial. When you knock out a hole in the box it leaves sharp edges which can actually strip a wire of its protective sheathing. The connectors not only provide a safe route for the wiring to pass through but they also clamp it in place. All of this is very, very important.

    Secondly, I would mount the basking lamp setup on the ceiling, not on the back wall. This will provide overhead lighting and heat and won't shine directly into the animal's and the viewer's faces.

    The halogens you bought are good assuming they are dimmable. If not, without being able to control output, you're going to provide way too much heat. For future reference, typically 45-70w dimmable lamps provide enough heat.

    I believe you only really need the one UVB bulb in a double fixture, the other can be a standard 6500K bulb. However, because of how the bulbs are mounted side by side the UV may be distributed differently since it's being partially blocked by the other bulb. I would just shoot Todd from lightyourreptiles an email to see if he's tested that type of setup--he'll help you out.

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