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My Corn Snake!!

Discussion in 'Corn Snakes' started by Hkg, Apr 27, 2014.

  1. Hkg

    Hkg Elite Member

    Hey every one! My name is hunter and I figured why not introduce my corn snake? I figured it can't hurt and I have nothing else to do so why not...? So I have been researching reptiles for about 4 almost 5 years. But I my parents never let me have one. Till one day my science teacher found out I wanted a corn snake, and she asked if I wanted hers. I of course said yes and I picked him/her up 2 days later. It came in a 5 gallon tank, one hide, poop all over the place, shed skin, the water bowl was dirty and the water was pink and chunky. I'm sure glad I took this snake in before she died. When we got home I cleaned the water bowl, and spot cleaned real quick. I let him/her settle for about a week then I decided it NEEDS a new cage. So I bought a 20 gallon long, and got a over $200 lll reptile purchase of hides and decor etc... I set up its cage and fed it. It is now up to weight. I think it will always be a short snake because of the lack of food and care that was provided. It's not super short, but it's not super long. And I don't know exactly how big they are suppose to be at her/his age because I don't know it's age. Any way, it's doing great, never missed a meal, it's not shy at all. It will drink and eat in front of me no problem. Real active, always looks for a way out. And i have owned him/her for about 2 years. It just hasn't felt that long. It's really just a great snake, it has never ever tried to bite me and loves to be handled. So I hope you enjoyed. Feel free to tell me about your snake stories! If love to hear em!

    It is a anery corn snake. And I don't know they age or gender. The cage pic is one if my first setups. Sorry for any typos. I was in a hurry.
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  2. MorganLeFay

    MorganLeFay Elite Member

    Welcome to HerpCenter! He's a really pretty snake and it's great that you rescued him. Don't mean to be rude but your science teacher should know better than to keep a corn snake in such conditions. I like the setup you have now:) How long is the snake? I'm afraid his exact age will always remain a mystery unless you ask your teacher how long she had him. He looks fairly young, though, maybe around 5 years old, though it's really just a wild guess. Adult corns usually are between 4-6 feet (120 and 180cm), so if he ever starts pushing 5 feet you might want to upgrade the enclosure to one with more floor space so that he can stretch out. For now it looks great, though:)
  3. Hkg

    Hkg Elite Member

    Thanks! I'd say s/he is about 3 is in shed now. I was gonna take in a red tail boa, and a amazon tree boa yesterday but the lady sold them before I got there. I was planning on building new cages for all of them that were pretty big. But sense I didn't get the snakes those plans have been posponed.
  4. lisas

    lisas Elite Member

    Hi, good looking snake. I didn't even know they made 5 gal. tanks. Tiny. Glad you got her. I like your setup. Is that a UVB/A bulb? They don't need them so you might be able to save some money on electricity. My cornsnake is 10 1/2. She is a creamsicle, which is actually a cross between a king and a corn. She's around 5 feet. Like yours, she is not afraid of people whatsoever and has a calm demeanor. Mine is in a 40 gallon tank and for exercise (when too cold to go outdoors), I let her climb up & down a chair - she seems to love it.
  5. Khorne

    Khorne Well-Known Member

    Its probably just the fact that my set up has the bare minimum at the moment, but the cage seems a bit crowded, especially near the back. Glad you manged to get the snake before it died, its definitely way better off now.
  6. Hkg

    Hkg Elite Member

    I'm not 100% sure it's 5 gallon. That's just what I was told. I wasn't to worried about the size sense I had moved her up right away. No it's not a UVB/a bulb it's just a regular reptile bulb, y'know? I'll post what it is as soon as I find the box. Creamsickles are pretty snakes. I'm defiantly jealous. I can't wait for my corn to get bigger. And my corn would never go up and down a chair, that's pretty cool that yours does!
  7. Hkg

    Hkg Elite Member

    S/he is still rather small. But there is room behind all the decor. The giant wood peice is curved so there is quite a bit of room behind it. If she's not coiled up on the wood trunk she is behind it. Yeah I'm definitely really happy I got him/her too. Not only was it my first reptile, but it was a rescue and helped show my parents that reptiles aren't bad. And my mom actually really likes him/her. She always talks to its cage like it understands her, which is kinda goofy but oh well. It's better than her being afraid of it. Haha

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