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My Boy Me......please!

Discussion in 'Green Iguanas' started by redtailgal, Nov 14, 2011.

  1. justor

    justor Elite Member

    I havn't had the pleasure of being whipped by a full grown adult, but I've heard it is pretty painful. I think those tail spikes can even break skin if they make conctact.
  2. redtailgal

    redtailgal Elite Member

    I think that if his tail spikes were any stronger, they would have broken the skin. His spikes are still somewhat soft, and bend easily.

    He hit the wall with his tail the first time, it sounded like a gunshot! I cant see how it wasnt very painful for him. I was more worried that he was going to re-break his tail thru the whole thing. There is alot of power in that tail!
  3. Merlin

    Merlin Administrator Staff Member Premium Member

    It isn't so much the spikes but the scales on the tail that are the most damaging. They are like files! Just rubbing the tail the wrong way against your skin can leave abrasions!

    Yep! Thats an iguana!
  4. schlegelbagel

    schlegelbagel Frog Lover Premium Member

    well, sounds like he's feeling better. HA!
  5. redtailgal

    redtailgal Elite Member

    OK, I think we are going into a shed.

    He has "milky" colored skin on his head and feet. The skin around his eyes and mouth is already shedding off pretty hard, and under his dewlap is starting to peel. He is rubbing his face on EVERYTHING.

    I intend to bathe him daily. Today in the bath, I took a washcloth and "wiped" his face a little. He loved it and stuck his face in the washcloth and began "rooting" his nose around. Later he got on my lap, and had his head UPSIDEDOWN on my leg, rubbing the top of his head.

    Poor guy. Is there anything else I can do? It shouldnt last long.........he got alot of it off today, and the color underneath is specatcular!
  6. Wyldrose

    Wyldrose Elite Member

    It's so cute when they rub their heads on things to get shed off. I use a soft paint brush on my beardies and gently brush water on the shedding parts(when they are in the bath), helps soften them and loosen them off. Just keep up with the bathing it sure helps a lot!
  7. hennisntacanibal

    hennisntacanibal Elite Member

    I've used an old toothbrush (one where the bristles are very fine) and my beardies loved that. Especially around their nostrils. Maybe you could put a towel in his enclosure so he'd have something semi-abrasive but also soft to rub on.
  8. redtailgal

    redtailgal Elite Member

    Thanks for the tips.

    I gave his a dish towel, and he has thoroughly killed it several times, and drug it into his water. He does enjoy me "washing" his face while he is in the bath.

    We have a strange new "habit". Each time I reach into the enclosure, he will approach me and bite me on the finger. Its not hard, just a nip, and then he crawls on up.

    I do wear a glove when handling him, but even without it I dont think it would break the skin. Even so, I dont like this habit. Any tips on how to handle this? I am at a loss.
  9. Merlin

    Merlin Administrator Staff Member Premium Member

    Yes. Don't allow it. Since it is expected, work around it.
  10. redtailgal

    redtailgal Elite Member

    ok. Duh. lol. That makes sense. Did you roll your eyes at my brain lapse? :">
  11. Merlin

    Merlin Administrator Staff Member Premium Member

    LOL! Not at all! There are a lot of behaviors which people don't think about what could develop from them.
  12. redtailgal

    redtailgal Elite Member

    HI folks. Havent updated recently, been sort of routine around here. No news is good news, I guess.

    Elroy is doing great, really enjoying climbing. I have started letting him have range of the house while I fix supper (I lock the cats in the bedroom). He does great, except he will run away from me like his rear is on fire one minute and crawl up my leg the next. Twice now, we have had an issue over MY recliner. Elroy thinks it's HIS and will tail whip me in his efforts to keep his seat.......yeah right, NO one keeps me from my recliner.

    Elroy is also POTTY TRAINED!!! YAY! He hasnt had an accident in his enclosure for several weeks. He will however use the floor if I am not quick enough to get him in the tub after I turn on the water (thats all it takes, the sound of running water, then the tail goes up and you hear.....well, you know).

    He has a nice pot-belly now. I havent weighed him lately, but he has gained several inches around the "waistline". His tail is about twice the thickness it was when I got him, and he has leg muscles!!!!! He's a real buff guy now (except for the whole belly thing). He really enjoys strutting up and down my hallway.........and at times, he will hike up that tail and have himself a bloody good gallop!

    He is shedding. Everywhere. there is lizard skin all over my house. And it is still hanging off of him. But, underneath that shed is some lovely color! The damaged scales and old wounds are going to disappear! Except for his feet, his poor feet. He has lost about half of his toenails with this shed. I am not surprised, they were very soft and malformed from being in a too small cage and having such a poor diet (according to the vet). Hopefully though, they will grow back.

    Behaviorwise, we are good. We haven't had any drama for awhile. Elroy is no longer lunging at my husband, and has on occasion allowed hubby to touch him. I made hubby pick Elroy up today. Elroy put up a fight and got a little snotty about it, but I made hubby stick with it and they worked it out. Kindof. I do love the little "whisper roar". lol

    He still eats like a horse. His table manners are atrocious.

    This evening, I had Elroy on my lap. When Elroy is WITH me, I let the cats come in the room with us. So THe cats are on the couch, Elroy and I are in MY recliner, and hubby is beside us. We are watching a loud, LOUD movie............I look down and ELroy has all four green legs stretch out behind him, his orange pot belly hanging out on each side, his tail running down my leg, and his grayish green head down and turned to one side...........knocked out. I had to wonder if he was snoring.

    That moment was bliss. I had a terrified, angry,skinny, sickly-brown, sick lizard a couple months ago. Now I have a technicolored fat brat who is calm enough to pass out on my leg during a loud war movie!
  13. schlegelbagel

    schlegelbagel Frog Lover Premium Member

    Sounds like the breeding has passed and he is getting better daily. He is really settling in. Thanks for the wonderful update!
  14. redtailgal

    redtailgal Elite Member

    Good news!!! Bills have relaxed a little, and income has increased a little. I'll have a little more extra $$$, and so I will be upgrading my internet connection. Hopefully by the end of February I will be bombarding you with pics of my very handsome lizard.

    Except, he is not so handsome right now. He looks AWFUL. He had some loose skin when I got him, so I didnt think we would go into a shed so quickly, but guess what? There is lizard skin everywhere. He looks like some sort of freakish zombie critter, with strips of skin hanging everywhere from his face and feet. I peel and pull off alot of it, but I am not very aggresive with it as I am worried about pulling it into the live skin. I've been doing the soft toothbrush thing, esp around his nose and on his toes.

    His feet are AMAZING me. I've seen the pics of some of the ig's on here, and they have such pretty feet. Elroy has pretty gnarley feet. His toes are very mishapen, some are twisted so that the toenail is sticking straight up, he is missing four toenails all together, and the tips of two toes. Not to mention, his toes are crooked and very he has never had a good shed on his feet. The bottoms of his feet were covered in harsh callouses, but those callouses have shed off! Of the one foot that is about finished shedding, he had a solid shed, revealing beautiful orange scales under what was an ugly blackish grey callous! His toes, though still twisted and gnarley, also have a beautiful orange and green color to them and such nice SHINY scales! I measured, one of the callouses that came off the bottom of his foot was 1/4 inch thick.

    We are slowly making progress with his face. He shed out nicely around his eyes and the very top of his head. However, the area around his nose is being rather difficult. Now that the skin is starting to loosen up, it is VERY thick (you can SEE layers of old shed coming up). I cant really soak his face, so I am misting it several times a day right now with warm water, and then rubbing it with my thumb very gently. We are making progress, but it's soooo slow. I guess its a good thing though. The skin under all that is a beautiful color, but looks very tender still.

    I think he will start shedding his body soon. I've noticed his colors dulling and taking on a darker almost waxy appearance.

    He did freak me out this afternoon. I let him out of his enclosure as usual, and he was being a nerd, trying to tail whip and whisper roaring at me, so I walked away and left him to pout. I've injured my back and have found that long warm showers help the pain more than pain meds, so I went to the shower. As I was staning there, in my own little world, I felt something on my feet. Elroy had crawled in the shower wtih me, and was laying on my feet enjoying the "warm rain". I guess it was a good thing is was a soap free shower, lol. We both enjoyed a nice warm shower until we ran out of hot water.

    Yes, I am the crazy lady who showers with a giant lizard. My mother would be so proud.

    I have been working on getting him a better light setup, havent been pleased with what I had, then in emergency bought another bulb that I hated but it was all that they had in stock. I'll go this evening to get him a new UVB based on Merlin's suggestion.
    (That Merlin! Dont know what I would do without him!)

    After I get the lighting worked out, I am going to resume planning the outdoor enclosure. It's winter, the cows and goats dont need much attention right now and I am bored, so I"ll have to be careful that I dont get out of hand with this outdoor enclosure.

    I did have to spend a little extra "snuggle" time with Elroy today. I really hated to hear of the death of sweet little Knuckles. That could have been me finding my boy laying in the bottom of his cage. The things that ignorant and careless people do amazes me.....they dont care about the animal nor do they care about the heartache that comes to the ones, like anarawrr, who try and fix ignorant screwups.

    It makes me want to thank all of you. I dont have a clue with this lizard who owns my heart......he is alive and doing well, because of the wonderful and caring advice from ya'll.
  15. Merlin

    Merlin Administrator Staff Member Premium Member

    You're not alone! Zok used to share showers with me all the time. But now with two large dogs running thru the house it isn't practical.
    Bowing from the waist,....and blushing profusely!;)
  16. hennisntacanibal

    hennisntacanibal Elite Member

    It is so amazing to read about all the wonderful progress Elroy is making. I can't wait for those photos! This is a great example for why Herp Center is such a valuable tool for reptile (and amphibian) owners.
  17. redtailgal

    redtailgal Elite Member

    First of all, Elroy is doing great. Eating and pooping, and doing alot of both. His attitude is different everyday, I never know if I'm gonna be greeted by Elroy the cuddly baby or Elroy the fire breathing monster dragon. Every morning is like Christmas! lol

    I called this morning, and set up a better internet account. I'll drive you crazy with pics of my boy soon.

    I would like to get some input on my feeding program. I'm not delicate, so if you see something that needs to be changed, just say so.

    Here is what I do:

    all greens are fresh and raw, and he is fed as much as he will eat. Food is fed wet and chopped into peices slightly smaller than my thumbprint. I could probably get more vairety, but I try to buy organic for him, and that limits the variety quite a bit.

    a mixture of collards and turnips (50/50) fed daily, this is about 70 percent of his feed.
    a mixture of red and yellow peppers (maybe 10 percent)
    two or three fresh green beans

    I add about 10 percent a day of the following (I choose a different one each day)

    about once a week (on different days)

    I also will give him a small piece of soaked (1/4 of a slice) wheat bread about once a week

    about once a month I give him:
    one asparagus spear (oooh, he LOVES this)
    about a teaspoon shredded carrots (another big treat)
    garden peas (these have been frozen out of my garden, he gets about 20 of the little round peas)

    Fruit is the other 10 percent:

    fed weekly:
    blue berries
    black berry

    finely chopped apple

    In the summer I will have hibiscus flowers, and leaves, grape leaves, roses, and lots and lots of dandelions. (we grow organic, so I dont have to worry about pesticides and fertilizer). I will also have mustard greens in the summer.

    I have lots of red and green clover growing now. Can he eat that in small quantities to add a little more variety?

    Is that an excellent diet? I dont want good enough, I want excellent. Tell me how to improve it.

    He is doing great on this, but I want him to do as good as he possibly can.
  18. hennisntacanibal

    hennisntacanibal Elite Member

    Not sure if spinach is a no-no for igs like it is for beardies? Someone will know.

    Berries can cause problems for iguanas, especially younger ones (which I know Elroy is not) because of the seeds being an impaction risk. I think as long as you're not feeding too many at once and he's pooping tons you should be fine with that.

    That's all I can think of. Do you have a copy of the food guide?
  19. redtailgal

    redtailgal Elite Member

    Yeah, I have a copy of the food guide. It's, um, taped to my fridge.

    Stop laughing.

    I dont usually feed but two or three berries at a time, and I'll be sure not to feed them on consecutive days.
  20. annarawrr

    annarawrr Elite Member

    Good luck to both you and Elroy. As you have been told several times already it really looks like you're doing everything you can for him, sometimes the best we can do is just not enough and sometimes everything works out great in the end for both the owner and the ig. I was not so lucky with my rescue but I'm hoping Elroy responds well to treatment. I can't offer any advice so I can only send you and Elroy good thoughts and positive vibes!

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