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My Birthday! Whoohoo!

Discussion in 'Birthday Wishes' started by Bluegill, May 31, 2011.

  1. Bluegill

    Bluegill Well-Known Member

    At 3:31pm I will be another year older!!!!

    My reptiles didn't seem to care, haha. My geckos seemed to be glaring at me, though, because the overly-happy mood I am in was influencing me to baby-talk them to death whilst feeding them.
  2. mld

    mld Subscribed User Premium Member

    Happy Birthday! If I had known earlier I would have baked a cake!;)
  3. Vitina

    Vitina Elite Member

    Happy birthday :D
  4. DarkMagician207

    DarkMagician207 Elite Member

    Hope you enjoy your birthday! :)
  5. LilyPad

    LilyPad Well-Known Member

    Happy Birthday!! I hope you have a great day !
  6. Jflores

    Jflores Elite Member

    Happy Birthday !! Hope you are having an awesome day!
  7. Cryssy

    Cryssy Elite Member

    Happy Birthday! :)
  8. Renouji

    Renouji Elite Member

    Happy birthday to you...
    hope you dont turn have a great birthday (^_^)
  9. Yurusumaji

    Yurusumaji Elite Member

    It's my mom's birthday today, too. :D

    Happy Birthday!
  10. Bluegill

    Bluegill Well-Known Member

    Thanks everyone!
  11. kronik070

    kronik070 Elite Member

    happy birthday
  12. Medium

    Medium Elite Member

    Happy Birthday!
  13. Bluegill

    Bluegill Well-Known Member

    Thanks everyone!

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