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My Beautiful Athena....RIP...

Discussion in 'Boas *General*' started by Jflores, Jun 21, 2011.

  1. Jflores

    Jflores Elite Member

    At one point I spoke about my beautiful Viper Boa Athena, This beautiful animal demand respect by anyone who simply looked at her... unfortunately Athena passed away earlier this year, due to a nasty situation that was never disclosed to me by the original owner... (Apparently she was wild caught, I was told she was captive bred)...
    Anyways I decided to share a couple of pictures of her so that everyone could see, that you can’t judge a book by its cover..





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  2. Flint

    Flint Elite Member

    She was a gorgeous snake no doubt. Sorry to hear she isn't with you today :(
  3. mld

    mld Subscribed User Premium Member

    She is gorgeous! Similar coloring of the kenyan sand boa! Sorry for your loss:(
  4. missabrat

    missabrat Elite Member

    so sorry for your loss, I absolutely adore Viper boas! My male passed away this winter as well:(
    most viper boas in the pet trade are wild caught.
  5. gapeachkatie

    gapeachkatie Elite Member

    very beautiful and regal. I am sorry she passed away. It is heart breaking to hear about animals suffering in the pet trade due to false information, but I have no doubt that you treated her like royalty.
  6. Jflores

    Jflores Elite Member

    Thank you all for the kind words, She truly was a diamond in the rough.

    The only reason I found out she was wild caught was because the store owner let it slip about a month after she passed... As you can imagine I was furious....However, I plan to get another one as soon as possible.

    Tell me about it =/. but, it was a lesson well learned, royalty?!?!?! she was my little princess, nobody in my circle of household could go near her without her hissing, and when something like that hisses at you it can be frightening, however if I went up to her she would stick out her neck and slither onto my arm as if we were old friends.
  7. Lucysfriend

    Lucysfriend Elite Member

    Sorry for your loss :(
  8. vega74

    vega74 Elite Member

    Sorry for your lose. RIP athena
  9. missabrat

    missabrat Elite Member

    I will be attending White Plains show and looking for one myself!
    Below is a pic of my guy, he was ridden with parasites when I got him, which took a huge toll on his lifespan, he only lasted with me for 2 yrs :(

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  10. aquarles

    aquarles Elite Member

    Wow, how amazing looking! She's truly going to be remembered as an original wonder.
  11. David McConley

    David McConley Elite Member

    I am so sorry for your loss. Losing loved ones is never easy.

    Missabrat- I guess I missed hearing about your little guy. I am saddened by this news also.

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