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My Adopted Baby Sand Boa Arrived This Morning . . . a Few Questions

Discussion in 'Rosy Boas & Sand Boas' started by DarrinC, Aug 15, 2012.

  1. DarrinC

    DarrinC New Member

    I have been fascinated -- both good and bad -- with snakes for years, but I never actually made the leap until today. While visiting a PetSmart recently, I came across my first Sand Boa, and it really got my attention. For some reason, this little guy evoked much of the good fascination I have for snakes than the bad.

    I attempted to buy the PetSmart Sand Boa a few days later. The store had him on clearance sale, and his deep orange-red coloring was irresistible. To my surprise, however, the store employees pretty much refused to sell me the little guy saying that he hadn't eaten in several months, was likely sick and would probably die soon. I was dumbfounded. If that was the case, I couldn't understand why the store would have the snake featured with its other reptiles with a "clearance" price tag. I really felt bad for the little guy, but I left the store without him.

    I had done a considerable amount of online reading about Sand Boa's, and I found several online places that sell Sand Boas. I ended up adopting a male from BHB Reptiles. He arrived this morning.

    I knew from my research, the normal Sand Boas can range in color from orange-red to orange to yellow to yellow-tan. Remembering how much I was taken by the snake at PetSmart, I requested that BHB send pick a more orange-colored sand boa, if one was available.

    My snake arrived this morning in seemingly good health. He was alert, somewhat curious and had a good overall look. I was a little surprised by his color. He's almost a pale orange or a brownish-orange. It's not a big deal, but I assumed he would likely be orange or yellow.

    So, here's my questions. Does the Sand Boa color change with age? The snake I have was born in 2012, so he's pretty young. From what I have read, the color of an older sand boa will dull. Does the color of a baby sand boa get more bold?

    And, lastly, I can't seem to determine from online pictures what the coloring may be of a normal Sand Boa. It seems that a normal can come in nearly any shade of brown, yellow, orange or red. Can anyone help me understand the coloring of a normal?


  2. DwarvenChef

    DwarvenChef Elite Member

    When I was breeding these guys activly (hobby only) I never saw them change color much at all, what they are born with is what you get. I can't say much about color morphs as I only raised the standard colors. My male was deep orange and my female was more tan. At one point in my research I came across a blerb about the two color differences being a reginal thing but both where seen on both sides of color zones. So it may not hold much water.

    Welcome to the site, if you can please get some pics up, I love these little guys :)

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