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Moving. How Can I Transport My Little Man?

Discussion in 'Bearded Dragons' started by thecw, Sep 24, 2013.

  1. thecw

    thecw Well-Known Member

    So, I'm moving in the next few weeks across the country(Michigan to Oregon). That's a few miles. Most of my other animals have been rehomed--sad, and a long story, but it's not important for this--so I have two Leopard Geckos and a Beardie. The Leos I am very confident about moving with small heat packs, etc. They're durable(I feel like they could live in shoe boxes). My Beardie, on the other hand, I feel would need temperatures greater than what a heat pack could provide. It's a 4 day drive, and I'd have *no* way to provide lighting, basking or other items during this trip. The Geckos I feel will be stressed but okay. I'm not sure with this guy.

    Suggestions? Ideas? I'm not entirely sure what to do. I could leave him with family and get him later when set up, but I feel more comfortable taking him(at least in the abstract).
  2. Thalatte

    Thalatte Elite Member

    honestly he will be ok. if you have a digital unit with a probe you would want to have the probe on top of the heat packs so you can monitor the temps and make sure he is of a good weight before the drive.
    You wont want to feed him much during the drive since his digestive abilities would be compromised but make sure he has water and he will be ok.

    or they have these "all-in-ones" that are for cars and they have a battery, compressor, power inverter, flashlight, etc and you could use one of those to plug his lights into. He would just need the heat one for the drive and it would only need to be on for a few hours while he eats. But due to stress of relocation he may not even want to eat.
  3. thecw

    thecw Well-Known Member

    I don't have a probe but I do have a temp gun. That would be sufficient?
  4. Thalatte

    Thalatte Elite Member

    It would work but how stressful would it be on your reptiles with you constantly opening and closing their boxes to check they dont get too hot or too cold?
    You can get some digital units with a probe fore relatively cheap at any walmart.
  5. Logan

    Logan Elite Member

    I just recently moved with a uro. Granted, mine was only a 6 hour drive. But, he TOTALLY loved it. He was in a large cricket keeper (which is big enough for him to turn around in) on the dash board. We kept an eye on his temps and moved him around as was needed. He just sat there watching the cars and noming. They do make just converters too. It just plugs into your cigarette lighter or power outlet in the car and allows you to plug regular plugs in.
  6. Deadmanjn

    Deadmanjn Elite Member

    I take mine to the pet store so often and they love car rides... Just sit in the sun and take it in on the back roads I put them on the dash and they just sit there and LOVE it lol and yeah @30 car converter you can get and just plug in the light over him
  7. z3r0jimmy

    z3r0jimmy Elite Member

    i'm not really sure how this really is an issue...i bring my little guy everywhere every chance i get...he LOVES car rides and i would take any and every chance and advantage of exposing him outside in natural sunlight i just make sure he poops in the morning have a water bottle ready and food that he can have on during the trip...Apollo's gone all day with me and my truck...and people tend to ask and freak out a lot lol
  8. thecw

    thecw Well-Known Member

    It's an issue because it's a 4 day drive going through states without good lighting this time of year.

    That said, I forgot about plugging in lights. It could work.
  9. Dragoness

    Dragoness Elite Member

    As long as his temps are okay, he should be fine, even if he doesn't get to do any proper basking.

    I used the plug in heat mats (the kind they make for people to use) for my snakes when I was moving from Florida to Michigan. And those hand warmer packets (taped to outside of boxes) to provide warm spots. I used the handwarmer packets by day (during travel) and plugged them into hotel room outlets at night with heat pads.

    Not only through a 3 day drive (bad weather lengthened it from 2 days) but also for months while the house I was supposed to be moving into was pulled from underneath me, and I was stuck in Limbo with my critters all living in shoeboxes in my mom's library while we scrambled to get a new house lined up. I moved cross-country at the end of February, and into my own house in July.

    One of the animals I was moving was a very sickly CWD, who took it just fine.

    Reptiles are pretty hardy - your dragon will be fine as long as you don't let her get too cold.
  10. Wyldrose

    Wyldrose Elite Member

    Remember it's not always perfect temps in the wild, he'll do fine. Just make sure he doesn't get too cold/hot and he'll be good.
  11. Thalatte

    Thalatte Elite Member

    I personally would put him in a dark solid colored tote to reduce any stress on him if he acts hesitant in the car.
  12. TigerIvy

    TigerIvy Elite Member

    I moved with several reptiles (4 bearded dragons), 5 kids, a moving van, a dog, and 3 cats. LMAO. Ok anyhow - my move was only 500 miles but still. I am assuming this is an ADULT dragon...a baby would be a different story.

    Here is what I did...a few days before I seriously boosted food, water, baths and repti boost. The day before I left I gave them a good healthy dose of repti boost and that evening a long bath. Basically tried to get everyone to poop (worked with everyone but 1). The morning I left I put them into a standard reptile bag Cloth type reptile bag to be precise. I got it at (I hope this url works..if it doesnt pm me) Cloth Reptile Bags

    Then I put the reptile bag into a steralite shoe box with air holes. In the steralite container I put a towel under and kinda around (not tightly) the bag (more as a cradle in case I hit my brakes hard or something). I also used some of the Uni Heat packs (got them from the same site) but found I really didn't need them even though it was December. In the car I just compromised on the heat kept in in the 70's in the car and when I got out to eat or whatever...I just tucked the steralite into a beach tote and walked in with it. I kept my mouth shut no one was any the wiser.

    I did move with babies and they were a little harder honestly. With them I used the same reptile bag BUT I used a large pencil case (the plastic type with the lid that lifts) and I put a washrag under them to where it fit snug (obviously it had air holes). I taped a heat pack to the bottom of the pencil case but honestly that kept them warm enough they wanted to struggle. I found I was safer to leave them without. Same thing though, I just put them in a bag and took them in with me where ever I stopped.

    let us know how it goes

    PS~ Do you know anyone in Oregon that if you shipped your beardie overnight they could receive him and put him into his enclosure ahead of you? shipyourreptiles has the complete kit with instructions

    Let us know how it goes!
  13. millerpj

    millerpj Elite Member

    I use a hot water bottle when I transport Puff on colder days.

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