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More Picasso Striped BRB's Born Monday.....

Discussion in 'Rainbow Boas' started by Rainbowsrus, Sep 10, 2013.

  1. Rainbowsrus

    Rainbowsrus Well-Known Member

    Monday's babies Harriet x Ozzy. A repeat of a 2010 pairing that produced some amazing striped animals. Part of my "Picasso" stripe line. 13 babies and some with super intense striping / aberrancies. Found mom after the first baby was delivered but she did not seem to like me there so I left her alone and checked back from time to time. Took a couple hours to deliver the whole group. Very large, healthy full term babies at two days past due date.


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  2. JSqueezer

    JSqueezer Elite Member

    Very pretty!!! So how long are the babies when they're born? They seem really long.
  3. Rainbowsrus

    Rainbowsrus Well-Known Member

    This was a full term larger baby litter, in the 30+ gram each range. They are about 20"
  4. Amlondon

    Amlondon Member

    They are beautiful! Great clutch :)
  5. Jflores

    Jflores Elite Member

    Congrats on such an amazing clutch!!! I'm looking forward to seeing their development.

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