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Monty Has Refused His Last Three Meals - Suggestions?

Discussion in 'Burmese Pythons' started by AjaMichelle, Dec 21, 2011.

  1. hennisntacanibal

    hennisntacanibal Elite Member

    Hernias and their surgeries are NOT fun.
  2. AjaMichelle

    AjaMichelle Elite Member

    Oh man I did not even think of that. See I was thinking he wouldn't get heavier than about 90 pounds.
    I don't know what I'll do if he does get that big because I can barely lift him as it is (with one arm)! Of course, that's just one reason why you should have one person for ever five feet.

    I am going to keep feeding in his enclosure then.

    I called a company today about some snake handling equipment and described Monty and they told me I had no idea what I was talking about. Supposedly there is no way he can possibly be male at 15 feet so either I am unable to count or he's female, and further, that males never get longer than 12 feet.
    NEVER ever ever!
    Well I measured him with a tape measure so I guess I'm just crazy lol or he is a girl, and that would totally suck :(
  3. AjaMichelle

    AjaMichelle Elite Member

    I thought any kind of fish makes you vomit lol ;)

    Maple Syrup huh? :) I can't think of anything off hand that makes me vomit except decomposing flesh, and even that is something I can stand up to a certain point.

    I would definitely only brain case when it isn't rotting, I was just saying that with my luck I would have brain cased, he would refuse it, and then it would be rotting and brain cased lol
  4. BarelyBreathing

    BarelyBreathing Elite Member

    All fish scare me, but I vomit when they are dead or dying.

    Maple syrup is actually a story. I used to like it. One day I was sitting around with friends and a bottle of maple syrup. We decided we were going to put a dollar in the center of the table each for every round of syrup we drank. Stupid idea. VERY stupid idea.
  5. aztec4mia

    aztec4mia Elite Member

    Agreed, This is why I feed in their enclosure,lol they could also regurge their food from trying to move themnever had it happen to me though. plus another enclosure would take up more room and if you want to let him relax a couple hours before moving him you have to heat the other cage he's in it's just a pain, it's not so bad when their smaller but when they get in the 100lbs+ range your pretty much just guiding them cause lifting them and supporting them correctly is a slim possibility when they have just ate and put you in a bad position.
    I'm sorry for whoever told you a male only gets 12 feet, that seems like a low end of the average; they do slow down growth usually when they get into the 10' range though so that might have somthing to do with it. snakes never really stop growing they just slow down so I guess it depends on how long he lives.

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