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Discussion in 'Rainbow Boas' started by Bubo2007, Oct 3, 2014.

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    Hello Herp Center Network community.

    I have a male brazilian rainbow boa that I have had for about 3-4 months. I'll give information first and then ask my question after. He's still a juvenile and weighs about 212g. The enclosure size is an Exo Terra terrarium (18"x18"x36") with plexi-glass on the top to make the environment more humid. I use Spagnum moss and Repti bark as substrate. I don't have a light set-up, as the breeder I bought the snake from mentioned they are primarily nocturnal and don't need a heat lamp. I do have a heat pad for the cage though. The temperature is primarily between 74-80 degrees F. Humidity is almost always 90%+. I feed him once every week to 10 days. I need to order larger sized mice, but I have been giving him anywhere from 15-20g frozen mice.

    So, my concern/question. I started paying attention about 2 months ago to the water dish for the snake. It seemed like there was microscopic debris in the water bowl, so I assumed it was nothing to worry about, I would just clean it with soap and water. In the last couple of weeks, I've noticed that these microscopic pieces in the water bowl happen to be living things. They are very very small. They sometimes "huddle" up and make kind of a "raft" in the water bowl. I started doing some research and I don't know if they are mites or not. That would be my biggest concern. I took my snake out to feed him today and I couldn't see any microscopic mites on him, but then again I didn't go to the extremities to make sure the snake even had mites. What's bothering me is these insects/arachnids in this water bowl. I don't know what they are and it's bothering me. I saw some YouTube videos of snake mites and these things are probably half the size of an adult snake mite, if not smaller. They also look long, not round. I can't get a good photo of them because they are too small. They are gray/black in appearance. It takes a few seconds to realize they are moving, they are that small. Any ideas on what these things could be? In the worst case scenario that they are mites, have any of you used Provent-a-mite? I've heard mostly positive reviews about that product, but was slightly skeptical when someone mentioned their snake died after using the product. It was just the one that I read, most of the other reviews thought it was worth it. I was also wondering that if this wasn't mites, if Provent-a-mite (being an insecticide) would kill other arachnids/insects as well?

    I do a full cage cleaning (disinfectant spray and replacing all the bedding with new bark and moss) once a month, with spot clean ups whenever I see scat. It get's too expensive to keep buying bedding, otherwise I might change all the bedding out once every 2 weeks instead. Does that seem like a reasonable cage maintenance?

    Added 2 photos, one of enclosure and the other of the "things". There is a "raft" of these little things far left center of the dish bowl and those dark shadow spots I'm guessing are the things too, but it's **** near impossible to see them. There is another raft of these things to the right of the dark water bowl streak mark.

    Thanks for the help all,


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