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Mites(?) on My Fire Skink

Discussion in 'Skinks' started by Andyurgay, Nov 5, 2014.

  1. Andyurgay

    Andyurgay Member

    So I've had my guy a few months now and he's been the picture of health, eating well, pooping regularly, fairly active, bright eyes, bright scales. But when I dug him out tonight I noticed what looked like a small patch of unshed skin so I gave him a soak and rubbed it with a q tip gently. Then I looked closer and noticed what looked like tiny little bumps or circles, almost like bug eggs. I kept rubbing and some came off, others just clumped up in another spot. I looked closer at the ones I got off and they were moving. He also had a couple along his lips and around one ear. I got most of them off and don't see any right now.

    I soaked him in betadine, pulled everything from his tank, soaked it in near boiling water, emptied the substrate and soaked the inside of the tank with peroxide and blasted it with boiling water. Now I just have him on newspaper and one wood hide that I soaked in boiling betadine/water. I'm going to keep giving him soaks in the betadine and wiping out his tank with the peroxide daily. Is there anything else I should do? He still seems healthy apart from being aggravated after the bath and a bit more sqeaky than usual. He seemed painful in the crooks of his legs where the bugs were probably biting at him. Poor guy. Is there a certain food I could try giving him to boost his immune system and help replenish his iron? Since I'm sure he's probably a little low with those blood suckers on him.

    Were they mites? It was really weird that they just stayed clustered in one spot on him and didn't really move much when I rubbed at them. Also, where could he have gotten them? He's always been on the coconut substrate and only now am I seeing the bugs. Its been the same bag of substrate since I first got him and he never got bugs from it before.
  2. lisas

    lisas Elite Member

    When mine had mites, I used hand sanitizer to get rid of them, but honesly, I'd look into the safety of this. It was years ago and I was more inexperienced. It worked well though. I've heard that olive oil will smother them too. I know nothing about the betadine. The mites on mine were tiny and gray, smaller than a grain of rice. I don't know where mine got them from either.
  3. Andyurgay

    Andyurgay Member

    Well these were like pin point tiny and grownish grey. I don't see any more on him tonight but he got another soak just to be sure. The crooks of his legs still seem a bit painful so I might just keep up the betadine soaks just for the disinfectant properties anyway.
  4. Rich

    Rich Administrator Staff Member Premium Member

    If he had mites and he was the only thing soaked, they haven't left and will return. Mites feed on the host but lay their eggs in, on and around the enclosure. If you had mites, the enclosure has mites. We have an article on getting rid of snake mites, which you would need to do the same thing.

    Snake Mites - Identification - Removal
  5. Andyurgay

    Andyurgay Member

    I took everything out of the tank that night. Hes on news paper for the time being with a water bowl and log hide that I soaked in boiling betadine/water. Everything else got soaked in boiling water as well but he's still going to be in a plain tank with just news paper until I'm sure the mites are gone.
  6. Yellowfang15

    Yellowfang15 Well-Known Member

    Sounds like that may solve the mites. Can I ask about your username though?
  7. Dragoness

    Dragoness Elite Member

    Mites are a pain, and they can come in on anything that came from a contaminated/infested location (pet shops, herp shows, wild herps, other people's herps). If you shopped at, handled reptiles at, or touched anything with mites, they have potential to have come in that way. You could have handled an infested reptile at a shop, shows, friend's house, etc, and brought them in on YOU. They are insidious creatures.

    Please don't rule out the possibility of them having left eggs outside of the cage on nearby surfaces. Wipe, spray, vacuum and mop down everything you can with an appropriate miticide or cleaner. Permethrin 0.5% is available at most drug stores as a bedbug spray, just take care not to expose cats to it.

    A company called Natural Chemistry makes a very good, very safe mite killer specifically for reptiles. Fortunately, many pet stores carry it. I now carry it with me to shows, to clean my hands, and to wipe down any new acquisitions.
  8. Andyurgay

    Andyurgay Member

    Lol yellowfang, its a user name I've been using for years on all my forums. My friend gave it to me years ago since my name is Andy, and I'm gay.

    Dragoness, thank you for the advice. I'll see if I can find any in store or online. Sounds like a good idea to have around. I work at a pet store but none of our animals in store have mites that I know of. Guess ill just have to be more careful about washing up after work. Don't want to bring anything back with me.

    It seems like I've gotten rid of them. Havnt seen anything since that night and my little guy has his appetite back thankfully :)
  9. Dragoness

    Dragoness Elite Member

    Mite life cycles are about 30 days or so. There could also be eggs hiding about that have yet to hatch, and baby mites are too small to be seen without a magnifying glass or scope. I'd recommend treating for at least 30 days to be safe.
  10. Andyurgay

    Andyurgay Member

    I've been treating every day or so with the betadine, giving regular soaks in it and finally put him back on a new layer of substrate. The tank was sprayed down a few times with peroxide and left to sit and soak for the 15 minutes that he soaked. I thiiiink were good now, but I have sprayed and vacuumed my entire room numerous times just to he safe.

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