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Mite Advice- Persistant Pests & Skin Discoloration

Discussion in 'Green Iguanas' started by RexAurilia, Oct 14, 2015.

  1. RexAurilia

    RexAurilia Member

    Rex Claw-white.jpg Rex Tail10-2015.jpg 20151002_133416.jpg

    Hi. I have an 11 year old male iguana named Rex. I apologize for the length, but am seriously concerned about his situation, and would appreciate any advice or input others may have had on dealing with mites and possible side effects caused by the chemicals required to effectively treat these miserable things!
    On a recent outside adventure (August 26th 2015) he managed to pick up mites! He has had them once before about 3 years ago. At that time I eliminated them in about 5 weeks, using 1ML Ivermectin mixed with 32 oz. water. (From previous research and results, I had found this the most effective way with the least amount of chemical exposure, poison for the iguana, myself and furniture.) I washed his cage thoroughly daily, sprayed the Ivermectin, smothered him in olive oil and bathed him daily. As well as washing all his towels & blankets he came in contact with daily.
    I first noticed the mites about 4 days after returning from his outing at a friends property in the country. Rex is used to the outdoors, but not the wild with other lizards and diseases. He lounges on our patio daily but does not go into the trees or brush around the house.
    This time around, I have treated the infestation even more vigorously as his cage was old, wooden, and clearly mite infested. He was in the process of a new home, so I readied his new habitat and got him situated in a room of his own with a brand new, larger, much improved space. Within a week I had the old cage broken down and taken out of the house.
    I'm trying not to ramble with useless information- bottom line: This is going on 6 weeks of mites (all my research has said treatment for minimum of 8 weeks.) Last time I went through about 3/4 of Ivermectin solution mixed with water. (Granted I was strictly treating his cage. THIS time I am on my 4th bottle of Ivermectin. But I have also sprayed my entire living area, carpets, furniture, laundry room, linens, the dining room, floors; his new room, windowsills where he used to sit, carpet in the room, his new cage, the bathroom where he baths daily and just about anything else that I come into contact with and think a mite may reside! This paranoia of mites was brought on by discovering them on me and all over my bedspread one morning a couple of weeks ago after believing they were under control, moving a piece of furniture close to his cage into my bedroom and then the next morning finding them all over my bed! This sent me into a deep de-lousing cleaning frenzy. Since then I have steam cleaned the carpets, and sprayed Ivermectin like a maniac damm near daily for 2 weeks straight. I have decided I can no longer spray the Ivermectin, despite wearing gloves, I have developed what I believe to be a rather serious reaction to the chemical. Any skin that comes into contact with anything that has been sprayed with or the mist or any of the spray immediately becomes red, ridicously itchy and gets little bumps, creating a rash that lasts for a few days. Needless to say I went to town and sprayed EVERYTHING. I was even walking barefoot for a couple of days up and down the stairs I had sprayed excessively with the spray; later in the day I felt really light headed sick to my stomach and not right. This prompted me to start wearing shoes and protect my skin.
    Question: Could this be causing a similar chemical reaction on my iguana's skin? Also, are mites known to become immune to Ivermection? Or have mites been particulary pesky this year?
    I would spray him with the solution after baths, and also believed he contracted some black spot fungus as his tail and one leg started to have black spots never before seen. I read this to be rare, but highly contagious. He doesn't live in a humid or wet environment. I live in the SF Bay Area. I put antifungul cream on his leg for about 3-4 days straight. About a week later his leg started to turn white! His coloring drained from the leg. Now, a week after the white is just sloughing off in the water, not exactly shedding but just flaking off. And, I now see the white discoloration on several of his toes! Not to mention the black spots on his tail! PLEASE any advice/ experience on mites and/or this weird series of happenings to my iguana would be greatly appreciated. I wanted to first check here before taking him to the vet, but am seriously concerned this could be signs of something more serious. Not to mention, if you look at the picture of his white claw you can see how the joint looks swollen or enlarged.
    I have taken very good care of him, handled him daily, feed him well, interact with him, bath him daily and he gets exercise. His previous cage he had outgrown, hence the new larger one, but he never spent any time in his old cage as a result of it being to small. He was out from the time he got up in the morning until about 6-7 at night. But I was concerned about his temperature and not getting enough UVB. SO his new cage has Mega Ray UVB bulbs, proper heating and the right dosage and height for these all to be optimum. Any insight is welcome, but please know he has had a very good, if not spoiled life and is greatly cared for and loved. Thank you for reading.
  2. murrindindi

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    Hi, it`s a long post (very well written) but I`ll make this reply short; I would imagine the discolouration on the Iguana is from the treatment you`ve been using..
    Personally I would take him to a vet asap, there`s clearly some infection.
    Can you show a few photos of the current housing?
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