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Discussion in 'Milksnakes' started by Turner, Mar 14, 2013.

  1. Turner

    Turner Elite Member

    That's good. Because even though I was told when they bite it doesn't hurt I'm terribly afraid of being bit. But I am fully aware with all my reptiles its a possibility. So I am prepared if it does happen. A girl I work with has a red albino corn snake and she was the one that kinda helped steer me in the direction of a corn snake or a milk snake.

    I read I should feed it twice a week but the pet store said they only feed it once a week. Should I feed it once a week or twice? And any other suggestions or input you have on the care of it. Mainly shedding is it going to be the same-ish as my geckos?
  2. Thalatte

    Thalatte Elite Member

    I asked wyldrose about the feeding and she wrote me this mail:

    "I have a good one, it's called the Munson plan, I can't find the website that posted it so here is a copy and paste. I do follow it to a degree, I don't weigh every snake before feeding.
    -When they're on single pinks (2-3g), I feed every 4-5 days. (Snake = 4-15g)
    -Double pinks (3g x 2) every 4-5 days. (Snake = 16-23g)
    -Small fuzzies (5-7g) every 5-6 days. (Snake = 24-30g)
    -Regular fuzzies (7-9g) every 5-6 days (Snake = 30-50g)
    -Hoppers (9-12g) every 5-6 days (Snake = 51-90g)
    -Weaned (14-20g) every 7 days (Snake = 91-170g)
    -Adult (24-30g) every 7-x days (Snake = 170+)
    -Jumbo Adults (40-50g) every 7-x days (Snake = 400g+)

    Note: Adult females are fed more frequently than adult males (especially following brumation). Females are fed every 6-8 days; males are fed every 7-14 days.

    This is by no means scientific, and not all corns will cooperate 100% with the schedule. The weight ranges I gave for the prey and snakes are approximate. I'm very consistent in my feedings. Some people feed every Saturday, for example. If they get a refusal, the snake has to wait for the next Saturday to get another shot. I don't do this. If a snake refuses today, he'll get another shot in two days.

    It's a good plan to follow, corns can stay on mice their entire lives. I did switch to rats this fall(fuzzies and pups) and I noticed they gained weight a lot faster then on mice. So I plan to stick with mice for them."
  3. Thalatte

    Thalatte Elite Member

    And yes shedding should be similar to the gecko. Give a moist hide and the snake will shed in one piece but they don't eat the skin so you have to remove it. When you remove the shed check for eye caps if their isn't eye caps on the skin then you will have to remove them.
    If the snake sheds in pieces it usually means your husbandry is probably off so you just double check everything, fix the problem and you should be fine.
    This is also info I got off others on the forum.
  4. Turner

    Turner Elite Member

    Okay great! Thank you guys so much for the input and the helpful info!! :) It really helped a lot! As for the eye caps if those ever have to be removed I'll be making my husband do that haha. It seems to be doing good since our run in earlier today. It roamed the cage some and is now sleeping in one of its hides. I'm assuming it shed soon-ish because there was a skin in its tank. But with the attitude of the kid working there, god only knows when they actually do anything there. Do they shed like clockwork or does it vary? I know my leo sheds at random times and some faster than others. But some people on here I've noticed seem to have their reptiles shed down to and exact time frame.
  5. Merlin

    Merlin Administrator Staff Member Premium Member

    Corns are not usually problem shedders.
    They shed when they need to, not on any time table.
    And I have always fed mine on a once a week schedule.
  6. Wyldrose

    Wyldrose Elite Member

    I find when they are young they usually shed once a month. Of course it all depends on how fast they grow.
    I have never had an eye cap stuck with corns. A tail tip a couple times, but mostly it all comes off in one piece.
  7. Turner

    Turner Elite Member

    Okay great! Thank you guys so much! I know i asked a lot of questions but your inputs have been better than any care sheet ive read (which has been a lot!)

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