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Michigan Salamanders

Discussion in 'Salamanders & Newts' started by LovetheBaruu, Jan 8, 2009.

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  1. LovetheBaruu

    LovetheBaruu Subscribed User Premium Member

    Anybody have experience with "wild" salamanders? Each year we have one or two that show up at the end of summer; when the weather becomes too cold for several days and then-tada- Indian Summer:cool:. We have had tigers arrive on the doorstep (one literally a second next to the step- still can't figure out how the first made it up the concrete step). We bring them in, provide them with a small tank, use compost (cooled) as substrate and add a few worms. We release them near the pond when the weather warms. Are we doing the "right thing?"
  2. Dragoness

    Dragoness Elite Member

    Re: Michigan Salamaders

    I'm not the expert on salamanders, though I remember seeing them aplenty when I live in Michigan, we tried many many times to take some home. It never ended well.
  3. kenman1963

    kenman1963 Moderator

    Re: Michigan Salamaders

    They usually are smart enough that when the Indian Summer ends,,,,they hibernate. I have a spotted that I've had for years that I put in my shed every fall with about 8 inches of leaf/moss/dirt in the tank. When spring comes around I bring him back inside and he's fine.
  4. LovetheBaruu

    LovetheBaruu Subscribed User Premium Member

    Re: Michigan Salamaders

    We don't want to keep them, just help them survive. They fatten up with the compost critters and move off quickly when we release them.
  5. schlegelbagel

    schlegelbagel Frog Lover Premium Member

    Re: Michigan Salamaders

    I don't think it's the "wrong thing" if that's the question. ;)
  6. Merlin

    Merlin Administrator Staff Member Premium Member

    Re: Michigan Salamaders

    I would just leave them alone.
    They are genetically hardwired to know what to do to survive.
    Its also illegal in most places to take an animal from the wild and then release it later.
  7. Kendalle

    Kendalle Elite Member

    Re: Michigan Salamaders

    we used to have lots of salamanders when i was little, i remember catching them every summer and feeding them worms when it rained.. I haven't seen one in like 10 years, except once and it was died up and dead. I miss them..

    We used to have 1000's of baby toads every summer on our farm as well, to the point we could walk around with a bucket to catch 50 or so.. watch them for a little bit and let them out in the taller grass. (we would be out there for hours catching them and putting them else where on lawn mowing days.)

    I miss all the amphibians. I miss the sound of treefrogs stuck to the house, and toads in the yard, and bull frogs in the pond
  8. theHIguy

    theHIguy Active Member

    if you want to help them survive dont take them in just simple buy about 5 bags of top soil plants some plants and u simply not have built a salamander habitat they love to burrow them selfs in moist warm soil doing winter. you could throw some worms in the dirty they will love that.
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