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Mercutio Necropsy Results

Discussion in 'Rainbow Boas' started by giveuptheghost, Jun 8, 2012.

  1. giveuptheghost

    giveuptheghost Well-Known Member

    This is what the pathologist had to say--

    "Clinical diagnosis: Open, neuromuscular disease.

    Gross: Received in formalin are 10 tissues to 4cm in greatest dimension that are processed in three blocks following appropriate decalcifcation of block #3.

    Histopathological diagnosis: 1. Myofiber atrophy, necrosis, dysgenesis, and fibrosis, skeletal muscle. 2. No pathologic diagnosis, skin, bone, central nervous system, alimentary tract, kidney, lung, heart, live.

    Comment: Histologic findings are consistent with some form of muscular dystrophy, and this lesion may have been a congential/hereditary problem. There is no evidence of an infectious process."

    So it appears Mercutio was doomed from the start. It does make me feel better knowing that I didn't make him sick and that there wasn't anything else I could have done for him. I'm emailing the breeder this info now, since he probably shouldn't breed the snakes that produced Mercutio, at least not together again, though probably not at all.
  2. Merlin

    Merlin Administrator Staff Member Premium Member

    Well at least now you know that it wasn't something that you did or could have prevented.
    Hopefully he will heed your warning and no one else will have to go thru this.
  3. mld

    mld Subscribed User Premium Member

    Definitely sounds like Mercutio didn't have a chance! Like Merlin said, it's good to know that it wasn't anything that you did or could have fixed. Hopefully the breeder retires the parents of Mercutio!
  4. JoeyG

    JoeyG Subscribed User Premium Member

    As tragic as that may be, you must take some comfort that it was beyond anyones ability to heal. Hope it eases your loss some...

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