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Mentor Needed

Discussion in 'General Venomous' started by ChristsMartyr, Aug 24, 2011.

  1. ChristsMartyr

    ChristsMartyr Well-Known Member

    If there are any venomous snake experts in alabama and your willing to mentor and educate. if you can help or give me further information on what I need to do, Im looking into a future as a zookeeper.

    Any advice? Any information will help. I know you all started somewhere dealing with your animals... Thanks!
  2. Iggysmommie

    Iggysmommie Elite Member

    I would love to help you out but you are interested in the one area I will not go to. While there are a ton of "hot" snakes I want, Gabon Viper being on top of my list, its the only area I dont have any experience with. For various reasons I will never get a hot snake. I am sure someone will be around sometime to help you, I am not sure how many of our members have hots.
  3. ChristsMartyr

    ChristsMartyr Well-Known Member

    Thank you! Im not sure I want to keep hots myself yet, but in applying for zoo's and other herp savvy buisinesses the experience will help move me forward in pursuit of these things. It's so hard finding someone willing to pass on their knowledge. And in Alabama, Im not so sure there is anyone at all who deals with hots except for school educators, and I can't find any online. It's so frustrating... But again, thanks for the reply :)

    Any suggested contacts? I want to be responsible here, but I'm coming up with nothing ): any other forums I could possibly join? Or websites I could check out?
  4. FervidBrutality

    FervidBrutality Elite Member

    Yay, an Alabamian! I live on the south side of Birmingham. :p

    I want to say that you can only keep hots that are native to the state, if any at all. There have been many issues and changes with laws in the past so I'm a little unsure - but that's as far a keeping them goes.

    With help and education, I'm afraid I can't help much, but there are many forums out there that focus on hots and how to care for them.
  5. crepers86

    crepers86 Elite Member

    I like Florida's law. before you can obtain a permit to own hot snakes, you must log 1,000 hours of mentor time.

    I am in Texas, I don't know the laws here on owning, I do have a good friend of mine that owns a copper head. The copper head was actually a rescue from 5 years ago. Though I am not sure if it was the snake or the kids that got rescued but I like to think the snake got rescued. the kids found it and was trying to beat it up basically, hitting it with sticks and throwing rocks and stuff at it. surprised it never struck at the kids. well anyways he witnessed and put a stop to it. about 6 months later he released it in the creak behind its house and he swears up it down that it founds its way back to his back porch 3 times.

    This is a guy that is working with me on working with hots but I am doing it for snake removal and relocation and rescue training. I do not plan on working with hots and captivity if I don't have to. My friend has explained to me that I am required to have a removal permit from animal control to do snake removal and relocation and rescue, but I am training to do this because I hate to see any snake hurt because of ignorance and cruelty
  6. ChristsMartyr

    ChristsMartyr Well-Known Member

    Thank you guys for all your help! :) yes I am an alabamian born and raised haha actually I decided against keeping them, and I found a mentor willing to train me on handling and care so I can have experience to apply for zookeeping. I am going to college soon and I can join conservation programs etc to fulfill thesedesires in a safe controlled environment. @fervidbrutality - your the first person from Alabama I have EVER encountered on here lol finally :)
  7. ChristsMartyr

    ChristsMartyr Well-Known Member

    Alabama Prohibited Animal Regulation 220-2-.26

    These are the Alabama state laws, only with written permission can you purcase non native venomous. So Im sure you have to be experienced. Trained, and have a good reason. :) and I guess you can keep native species.
  8. YellowOctopus

    YellowOctopus Elite Member

    I've talked to one person, a Crotalus breeder, about mentoring once. He said his personal policy was to only mentor people who volunteered working with his non-hot charges for a couple years first.

    Hope this is even slightly helpful.
  9. ChristsMartyr

    ChristsMartyr Well-Known Member

    I wouldn't mind doing that :) i figured I would have to do that anyway lol

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