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Mega-Ray Acquisition Issue

Discussion in 'Habitat Lighting' started by Rock Dragon, Sep 9, 2011.

  1. Rock Dragon

    Rock Dragon Active Member

    I'm having problems getting a Mega-Ray bulb from ReptileUV. I ordered a 100w SB bulb on March 25th and have yet to hear anything from them. I realize that they are having issues with these bulbs and I have read that post from May 20th explaining their problems several times. But I have also heard that people are getting their orders just a couple weeks after placing them in June/July. I have been waiting patiently for 6 months. I have emailed them and called them and I never hear anything back. I'm starting to think I should just move on.

    What I'm wondering is do you guys think I should order the 160w SB bulb? From what I understand, it doesn't have the same problems the 100w does, and they actually have it in stock. Is this correct? Or maybe I should just move on to a Zoo Med 10.0 or something until ReptileUV bounces back?

    I really want to stick with ReptileUV, I trust their judgement of bulbs and my previous bulbs have been perfect so far, but they will be 'expiring' soon and I would like to get replacements. Any suggestions would be helpful.

    Thanks in advance.

    Dave P
  2. Rock Dragon

    Rock Dragon Active Member

    Tips? Ideas? Recommendations? Suggestions? I'll take anything at this point..
  3. Rich

    Rich Administrator Staff Member Premium Member

    I am forwarding this post to Bob, the owner of RUV. If you paid via paypal please post the transaction ID# in this thread so he can reference that order. ;)
  4. purplemuffin

    purplemuffin Elite Member

    I don't know, I've been hearing a lot of people having trouble getting their mega ray bulbs. I usually hear nothing but good things about them, but even this week my friend has gotten one that arrived not even working. Crazy!

    Actually, about a month before my boyfriend's family iguana escaped we ordered a bulb, but I haven't heard anything about that either. I forgot about it when he got away. I don't know if it ever arrived or not, I'll ask Nathan's dad. It probably did and is sitting around uselessly, sigh..

    Seems they are still working out the kinks with whatever disaster happened? Sad, they have been the best!

    I'll let the more experienced people answer the UVB questions, I'm not exactly experienced in that area
  5. Rock Dragon

    Rock Dragon Active Member

    Awesome. Thanks a bunch Rich. Guess I'll hold out a bit longer.

    My paypal Transaction ID #4BL497486B1137300

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