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Meet My New G. Polchripes

Discussion in 'Arachnids General' started by alpine, Oct 17, 2012.

  1. Pharoahound

    Pharoahound Elite Member

    Yeah. Wait about 3 days and see if he molts before you feed her. Then after wait another day or so before you feed her. Let her exoskeleton harden. Also curly hair tarantulas are great. Spiders from the brachypelma genus or the grammastola are fat slow lazy spiders. :) Like the curlys and the mexican red knees. To the Brazilians blacks, rosies and golden knees!
  2. alpine

    alpine Elite Member

    I'll see if there is any interest tomorrow with a tiny meal worm. If she doesn't show interest I will wait a few days and see how she does. She really is cute, just SO tiny!
  3. MentatIx

    MentatIx Active Member

    Not a rose hair? I feel so used :(((

    Congrats on the new friend. I've never seen one so small for sale at a local shop.
  4. alpine

    alpine Elite Member

    I'm sorry menta, I fell in love with the idea of having a rather large tarantula. And yeah she is very tiny, the owner of the store orders them directly from the breeders so they are about the same size that you would get from them. The other G. Pulchripes she had was a little smaller than this guy, and another species were smaller still. I was looking into the rose hair as well but she was sold out, so I went for my next favorite which was the Chaco. I am quite happy with her though.

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