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Meet Brew :)

Discussion in 'Rosy Boas & Sand Boas' started by aquarles, Mar 15, 2011.

  1. KristenNC

    KristenNC Elite Member

    My king bites every time. She hasn't learned that I'm nice yet, so I finally bought gloves because it just got old. So now I use 1 glove for the head, and 1 without a glove to stroke her and support the rest of her body. Who knows... maybe one day she'll learn I'm her mommy and not going to hurt her.

    Have patience... hopefully she'll calm down as she gets to know you and you handle her. She's beautiful... makes me want one, but I've decided I have my limit. :(
  2. aquarles

    aquarles Elite Member

    Thanks Kristen! I sure hope she calms down for you too. As for Brew, I was close to making Brew stew last night lol I just need to give her more time to settle in and get some good gloves!

    Her feeding response is amazing! (which is why I think it's a female). I am hoping with a full belly and some gained trust, we can be good pals like me and Moscato (my juvenile snow corn) are! :)
  3. teach920

    teach920 Subscribed User Premium Member

    Now those pics I can see;)...She sure is a cutie......Like you, I am hoping that once she becomes more accustomed to human interaction, and on a regular feeding schedule, she will not be quite so nippy...
    again, Congrats on your new addition:)
  4. aquarles

    aquarles Elite Member

    Thanks Connie!

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