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Meet Ally And Britney

Discussion in 'Uromastyx' started by smaug_the_tegu, Dec 1, 2015.

  1. 20150824_112409.jpg 20150818_131917.jpg These are two of my babies we have had them for about 6 months and they are ok they are still pretty skiddish but they aren't domestic a cording to the reptile place we got them from they spend alot of time in their hides but overall are a beautiful set of Saharan uros one is bright yellow the other is almost a pastel orange color (may possibly be male and female) not sure but would certainly be surprised if I ended up with eggs :)
  2. mimo91088

    mimo91088 Elite Member

    Replace them analog gauges, yo!
  3. Ian-V

    Ian-V Well-Known Member

    They're beautiful.
  4. Lol we have a professional grade temp gun they read about 10 degrees cooler lol just really a reference
  5. And thank you unfortunately they are more of a novelty herp than a handling one lol but they are pretty to look at lol we hold them occasionally but it really stresses them out so we try to just leave them be and handle them once or twice a week
  6. murrindindi

    murrindindi Elite Member

    Hi, if you know forced handling stresses them why do you continue to do it on a regular basis?
  7. Well my husband doesn't he looks at them at this point as a waste of time and money bc of thier deposition but for myself I really don't want to give up on them I still only handle them maybe once or twice and in all honesty they have gotten 1000x better than how they were from when we first got them I only handle them for 5 to 10 min at a time and they do alot better if they are not exposed like in a Hoodie pocket or in a sports bra lol as crazy as that sound bc of thier natural instinct to hide in cramped spaces. But they haven't regressed and I've never removed them directly out of thier hides I've always handled them when they were out and saw me coming my orange one is much more skiddish than my yellow who actually kinda likes being held in short spurts so she is handled a little more often and they calmly walk off my hand now when placed back into the enclosure instead of freaking out and running to thier hides so even tho I know it still stresses them out there really has been a HUGE difference compared to when we first started handling thwm. Not to mention every thing I've ever read on them is it take a very long time for non domestics to accumulate to any kind of captivity let alone handling and no disrespect BUT I don't force handle ANY of my reptiles I hate the term. I feel like the term is used as "aggressive" and I am not an aggressive handler at all. They all know I'm coming and I also know when to mess with them or not to. Eventually u can read thier personality and what kind of day they are having bc I don't care what anyone says EVERY SINGLE REPTILE has some kind of personality of thier own.
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  8. murrindindi

    murrindindi Elite Member

    Hi, if you pick them up regardless of whether they accept physical contact from you at that moment in time or not its forced handling, what makes it worse is that you say they show clear signs of being stressed by it, so at the end of the day it`s about your feelings not theirs (you want to "cuddle" them whether they want it or not).
    As far as having interaction (including physical contact) I always endeavor to work towards that, but I do it at the animal`s pace, not mine.
    I don`t doubt for a moment you want to do your best for them, in which case, patience is a virtue! ;)
    If one or both are female where`s the nesting area, I can see what looks like seeds on the floor?
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  9. We use millet seed for them that's how they were kept in the pet store I know there's alot of ppl that disagree with that as a primary substrate but we also have a layer of excavator clay to promote their natural digging instinct. And I've never heard of a nesting box? I had a cave that was in there but honestly I don't want to promote the breeding by putting them into burmation and they would stay in there for days without coming out and got very frail bc of it so we took it out and now they are active and eating so I personally think we made the right choice by removing it. It's very hard to sex them they both have prominent pores on thier undersides by their vents and they will not tolerate any kind of touching of thier tails without using them as clubs lol so that rules that option out so we assume they are both female but really no idea lol and they have never been aggressive towards eachother or shown any dominant behavior over one or another so I don't think they are males
  10. murrindindi

    murrindindi Elite Member

    There are a couple of members who have experience keeping Uros, one being Mike ("kriminaal"), try sending him a PM.
    Because many reptiles grow faster in captivity when fully supported it means they may reach sexual maturity sooner than their wild counterparts, and that being the case, it`s extremely important to provide suitable nesting sites from the beginning if you`re unsure of the gender (even if the animal is just a juvenile).
    The whole floor space should be suitable for properly depositing eggs rather than just a "nestbox", although you can offer that as another option.
    There should be no need to put them into brumation in order for them to breed, it`s the conditions themselves that determine breeding activity.
  11. murrindindi

    murrindindi Elite Member

    I didn`t realise Mike had written a caresheet on them, here it is if you haven`t already seen it... I do disagree with him regarding them needing to be brumated in captivity in order to breed (but don`t tell him I do, he might get angry with me, and that would never do).. ;)Uromastyx | Herp Center

  12. I did not know that like I said there are many in fact MILLIONS of websites you can look at but really In my opinion it's what ur particular herp is used too I get so many comments from work that I'm a a weirdo for keeping all these reptiles but in all honesty is almost therapy And really a hobby bc each reptile same spieces or not has different needs or things that make them happy and almost like a puzzle my very first reptile was a green iguana mind u now knowing really isn't the best starter pet lol but I learned alot but I definitely will look into nesting boxes bc it would be crazy to end up with any kind of eggs fertile or not I personally have never had any eggs so I would have NO CLUE on how to even try and keep them "live" lol as horrible as that sounds but it sure would be exciting and a learning experience for sure like I said too eventually I would love to breed my tegu. But I'm out of space at this point bc of how large his enclosure is inside my house so that won't be till we have a bigger house. With a "reptile room" lol
  13. Merlin

    Merlin Administrator Staff Member Premium Member

    Please use punctuation. Without it, it is very difficult to read what you are trying to say.
  14. Lol. Sorry just not used to using it. Nothing I've ever said was meant negatively.
  15. Boxraddict

    Boxraddict Active Member

    Beautiful! May I ask what all you used to make the basking slate steps? I must know it now!

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