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Me Again

Discussion in 'Childrens Pythons' started by Brendon, Apr 28, 2014.

  1. Brendon

    Brendon Member

    Ok so I have been doing what every one has told me to do yet I am still getting bitten when I get bitten what should I do? I don't flinch or pull away and I am very careful that I don't hurt him but should I continue to handl him after he bites me or put him back into his enclosure and wait a bit before trying again? For every one wondering he is a stimpsons and is just over 2 feet long so still small ... Also anyone have a guesstimate of age to length? Thanks
  2. TJOHNSON722

    TJOHNSON722 Elite Member

    Give it more time. It takes at least a week for them to acclimate to changes. It'll take even longer to tame snakes down. I had one rescue that was an 8 ft boa. It took me at least a year to tame him down. The bites hurt but I suggest leather gloves that go up your arm a little.

    They only get up to 4 ft I believe.

    Patience is a *must* when dealing with snakes.
  3. Brendon

    Brendon Member

    Yeah it doesn't hurt when I get bitten and I don't need gloves but thanks for the tips :)
  4. Brendon

    Brendon Member

    So back to my original question should I try to unwind him or just wait for him to calm down and let go?
  5. Merlin

    Merlin Administrator Staff Member Premium Member

    Wait a minute. You didn't say anything about the snake biting and coiling on you. That's a feeding strike. You may be underfeeding the snake.
    As to getting them to let go. Take a cotton ball with some alcohol on it and place it over the nose. The snake will let go.

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