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Malnourished Veiled Chameleon

Discussion in 'Chameleons' started by Mommasaurusrex, Jul 31, 2018.

  1. Mommasaurusrex

    Mommasaurusrex New Member

    I work for a corporate pet store that I won't name, for the two months that I have worked here we've had a veiled chameleon in the back with a sign saying keep here til he gets fatter. Really skinny and stressed to the point he turn black when most people just look at him, I'm the only one able to get him to eat or really shows any interest in getting him better but I can only do as much as management allows me. I'm very knowledgeable to the fact that his enclosures is all kinds of wrong and he is not getting adequate misting Within the past 2 weeks while I was on vacation management has put a sign on our reptile enclosures out front saying that we have the chameleon in the back due to his size we don't have him out front and he is a bit stressed so we are selling to an experienced owner at 35% off. I took the sign down went to manager and clearly noted we do not sell sick animals, the stress of selling putting into a tiny carrier box and moving him in this state would greatly up his mortality rate. Trying to convince them to allow me to adopt him, as I do not see it as a new pet more of a rehabilitation. But will buy him to ensure his greatest chances if need be please any recommendations on nursing him back to health would be greatly appreciated. ( Not positive of male, just learned about Spurs will check tomorrow)

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  2. Darkbird

    Darkbird Moderator Staff Member

    Hi, sorry you haven't gotten a response before now. Yep, that one is in bad shape alright. Now I'll make some suggestions, but they will be based on the educated guess that it is in some sort of glass box with a screen lid. First thing would be to get the cage covered, at least 3 sides if not all 4, to help the lizard feel more secure. Second, get something covering the screen, every square inch of it except where the lights go through, if any, and if there is carpet on the cage floor, ditch it and get some eco-earth or something else in there that can actually hold humidity. Obviously getting it out of the busy store environment would likely be a big help too, but I understand you can only do so much.

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