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Male Vs Female

Discussion in 'Anoles' started by Aarlecchino, Jun 15, 2018.

  1. Aarlecchino

    Aarlecchino New Member

    So, I have been trying to find a female anole to house with my male green anole. The first time I brought home an anole they both started displaying their dewlaps continuously and after a couple minutes of that they were fighting. I removed the new anole right away and returned it to the pet store.

    Now I've brought home a different anole. I put them together and the results aren't as clear to me this time. The new one did display a dewlap, but it seemed like it was a lighter color to me, and I only saw this display once. The new one would do little push ups at my male, but no more dewlap. My male was displaying. When they got closer there was mouth gaping and it looked like the new one kind of chased the male off. Then they watched each other for a while. When they eventually came back together it was the same story, a very brief fight and then they separated. They did this a couple times, and each break in between was longer. I made sure to watch carefully so they didn't hurt each other.

    The new lizard is not as aggressive for sure, so I'm sill not sure if I have a less aggressive male, or a female who is rejecting the advances of my male. Basically, I want to know if that is a thing that happens. Complicating the question, the enclosure is currently outside (in Florida), and there was a large wild male who came along and was displaying himself outside the cage. It made me wonder if a female might reject a male because she saw a larger possible mate nearby?

    Any help is appreciated. I can always return the new anole. I'm just finding it hard to find a female, and I don't want to loose one cause I misunderstood the situation. I could end up in an endless cycle if this is normal for two lizards just getting used to each other. The enclosure is 18x18x30 with 2 large plants, fyi.

  2. Qwerty3159

    Qwerty3159 Elite Member

    Anoles of both sexes are prettt territorial. I've had egg laying females be just as nasty to each other as males.

    That being said it sounds like you had two males.
    I would just try again. Females have small dewlaps and will display them even to males, but females will not be agressive to males, they simply run off.
  3. Aarlecchino

    Aarlecchino New Member

    Yeah, I think you're right. Back to the pet store, I guess. Thanks!

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