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Made a Hide Out of a British Lime Tree

Discussion in 'Common/Red Tail Boa' started by BobbyandViveinne, Nov 24, 2014.

  1. BobbyandViveinne

    BobbyandViveinne New Member

    I have a really large Boa who came to me as a rescue with a really large Viv. This last weekend we made her a large wooden hide out of a British Lime Tree log. We baked it at 60 celcius for severl hours until it was warm. Having put it in the Viv I am notiching that the temperature has gone right down the viv is 80% humid and smells really strong of the wood. I have searched extensively and had no info on this wood being toxic but of course I worry like hen. Does anyone have any information on this subject that would be useful please?
  2. Merlin

    Merlin Administrator Staff Member Premium Member

    I have never heard of this species being toxic. And placing a large piece of wood in there is going to give it a woodsy smell. However, placing a piece of wood in a viv should have no effect on the temperature. Unless it is blocking the heat source. Give us more info and perhaps a photo or two of the setup.

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