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Madagascar Hissing Cockroaches

Discussion in 'Invertebrates General' started by billrogers, Nov 25, 2015.

  1. billrogers

    billrogers Established Member

    I am considering keeping some hissing roaches. Does anyone have any experience keeping them? I have a bunch of questions.

    Where is the best place to buy these guys? If you have had good experiences with any online breeders please let me know!

    What can I keep them in? I am wanting to breed them so it has to be escape proof for nymphs too. I have a critter keeper (I think its medium), an empty 10 gal with a screen top, and a ZooMed 12x12x18 tall.

    The diet is cat/dog food and fresh fruits and veggies, right? I also have sponge pieces I can use for water if they need that.

    Can I feed the nymphs to my leo and tarantula? I would avoid feeding the adults to them since I read that they have a thick exoskeleton and some of their legs are equipped with spikes.

    I think they would make fascinating pets and would appreciate any input.
  2. billrogers

    billrogers Established Member

    Oh, I also have a 20 gal that I could use if I had to, but I would like to use that for my leo.
  3. Kristof

    Kristof Well Established Member

    I have kept these guys in the past and here's what I would have to say about them:

    I would buy them from here Madagascar Hissing Cockroaches
    Super cheap, $1 per hisser. I've always had good experiences with this place.

    They can climb glass and all that. You'll need a thick layer of Vaseline around the top of the cage. I would do 5" of it.

    They can be fed to what you have, but honestly I would recommend dubia roaches.

    For housing you're going to want a large tub or something like that 20 gallon. I would use something like Eco earth for a substrate as they do require a fair amount of humidity, and the nymphs like to burry into it.
    Provide them with a few pieces of cork bark for them to hide under as well.

    As for their diet I would recommend veggies & some sort of roach chow. You can provide them with water crystals for water.

    Overall, if you are wanting them as pets, they're really cool and interesting. However, if you are wanting a feeder roach I would highly recommend dubia's over these guys. Best of luck with whatever you decide :)
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  4. billrogers

    billrogers Established Member

    Thanks for the info. I was mostly wanting them as pets but thought that maybe I could feed off the extra nymphs so I don't get too many. That was the website I have been checking out :D
  5. Kristof

    Kristof Well Established Member

    If you're wanting them as pets then l'd say go for it! They are really cool :) Happy Thanksgiving btw!
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  6. billrogers

    billrogers Established Member

    You too :D

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