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Lothars new enclosure

Discussion in 'Enclosures' started by LotharsPeople, Jun 25, 2006.

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  1. LotharsPeople

    LotharsPeople Member

    Moved Lothar into his new enclosure today. Here is a couple of pictures.These were taken before it was completed.
    It's six feet by twelve feet by seven feet high. waterfall in the corner with a pond. EBMV for Uvb and 250 watt I.R spot(on a dimmer) for basking.
  2. XBurner

    XBurner Elite Member

    That is maaaaaad tight, man. Good work. Lothar should really enjoy that. :cool:
  3. venus

    venus Founding Member

    Wow, looks fantastic. Be sure to post some pics of the completed set up with him in it :)
  4. mshrmheadcharge

    mshrmheadcharge Moderator Staff Member Premium Member

    Nicely done! Welcome to the HCN..we are glad to have you!
  5. LotharsPeople

    LotharsPeople Member

    A few more pictures:
    The Thermometer on the shelf is only for comparison to a digital one. Reads about 5 degrees high, what do you want for 5 dollars?
  6. SurvivorSteph

    SurvivorSteph Subscribed User Premium Member

    That looks absolutely FANTASTIC!!! :)
  7. Moshpitrockchick

    Moshpitrockchick Subscribed User Premium Member

    Hmmm...looks like someone is spoiled!
  8. Manhirwen

    Manhirwen Elite Member

    That is a HUGE iguana room, I bet yours is a VERY happy iggy.
  9. XBurner

    XBurner Elite Member

    Yes, yes... show us pics of the iguana in it... and frollicking. If they do that. :confused:

    Actually, I think they do, 'cause I've seen Bud prancing over my couch and loveseat. Silly thing...
  10. LotharsPeople

    LotharsPeople Member

    I am sure they frolick as well. I just moved him into the enclosure yesterday afternoon not ten minutes before my post, he's a bit ****y right now. Must be that whole " Iguana's do not like change" thing. I'll post a few more pics as soon as he's settled in.
  11. Paige

    Paige Elite Member

    Very nice looking enclosure. You are talented =)
  12. XBurner

    XBurner Elite Member

    Yeah, they certainly are creatures of habit. One change of their environment and they go a little batty. A huge change like that might take him a few days to adjust to it, but he will. If not, ship that thing to me, I'm sure Bud'll enjoy it. :cool:
  13. LotharsPeople

    LotharsPeople Member

    Well, he started to check it out a bit today. One end anyway and the rope ladder. Thats were he decided to sleep tonight.
    Sorry, I could'nt ship this enclosure if I wanted to, it's part of the house now.
  14. LotharsPeople

    LotharsPeople Member

  15. XBurner

    XBurner Elite Member

    Ahaha... I hate it when Bud does that off of his perch. There's a branch on one side that he climbs down most of the time, but sometimes he'll just climb/fall off like Lothar did. I don't understand their reasoning sometimes. :confused:
  16. kiekie420

    kiekie420 Member

    Very, Very nice enclosure!! Lothar is a very lucky Iguana to have such a nice home. I watched Lothar "fly"! They sure know how to make us panic for a second :eek:
  17. Lyn'sSteve

    Lyn'sSteve Elite Member

    That is a great looking enclosure! NICE JOB!
  18. mshrmheadcharge

    mshrmheadcharge Moderator Staff Member Premium Member

    The enclosure looks great!! Haha, nice jumping action as well!
  19. MRHickey

    MRHickey Elite Member

    The enclosure is incredible, I think it is kinda funny watching them do that dangle jump thing, but I think they know what is a safe jump height, mine will climb a fair way down his tree before jumping, and does the same type thing.
  20. aiden_punx

    aiden_punx Elite Member

    Wow that is a big setup looks great i bet you love cleaning it.
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