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Looking for More :D

Discussion in 'Adoptions' started by Kite99, Jan 7, 2010.

  1. Kite99

    Kite99 Well-Known Member

    Hello everyone one i am looking to expand my pets to more and exciting ones as well as more cute ones like mine

    I have 4 fire belly toads and i would like to get more if you need homes let me know i wanna get more friends :D

    also i want to get another friend to add to my collection i want to see about a lizard of some kind if there are any wondrous lizards out there looking for new homes i would love to have them and love them like my own!

    Id like to get a turtle as well if anyone needs a home for them

    I just got a large room for pets and i would like to get tanks and supplies to fill it up with wonderful pets so if your in need of a new home for your pet PLEASE let me know i would love for you to trust me and let me take them and give them a new home

    I have one more small tank but it would only work for small creatures (small tree frogs and or small lizards) and allot of room for big tanks, also i have been breeding my own crickets (medium and large) so please if your i need of a new pet home let me know i want to learn allot about taking care of them and the lessons they teach from care

    Thank you so much

    Lot of love Kite
  2. Kite99

    Kite99 Well-Known Member

    i also have a whites tree frog but hes still in the works as to how to take care of him.

    Please also understand I'm a new pet man and i will do my best to keep them as safe as myself but also remember I'm new to this and i may not get it right on the first try but i WILL make them happy to the best of my abilities :)


    Lots of love kite
  3. Rich

    Rich Administrator Staff Member Premium Member

    I mean no offense to you Kite, but I would advise people not to send you their animals. You already stated you were new to this and that you may make some mistakes with their care. That isn't considered a "good home". 99% of people who adopt are trying to offer a good home. Their inexperience with the species or reptiles in general often cause issues. Those who take in more than they can handle also run into issues. There is also money issues. Each reptile is going to have specific needs. Some of these needs are not cheap.

    If you have experience with specific species, request those or start learning about others you are interested in now.
  4. Kite99

    Kite99 Well-Known Member

    i dont take this in offence at all i think your 100% right so in this case

    Please look to me for fire belly toads and whites mine are doing very well and i have big tanks i can move them to if i get more :)

    But i wanted to point out that a person who goes to a pet store and picks out a pet will have less insite than me when it comes to pets and then that would also be considered a "bad home". now dont get me wrong i will even 100% admit that your right i wont be the best at taking anyones pets and i dont claim to be.

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