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Looking for a Reputable Ball Python Breeder in MD

Discussion in 'Ball Pythons' started by angrykitten, Feb 18, 2009.

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  1. MoogleBass

    MoogleBass Kittes are so nice! Premium Member

    A Hot refers to a venomous snake.
  2. Dragoness

    Dragoness Elite Member

    ah, new term to me. Do many venomous snakes prefer to eat other snakes?
  3. MoogleBass

    MoogleBass Kittes are so nice! Premium Member

    Some do.
  4. angrykitten

    angrykitten Elite Member

    Hey guys! Here I am again! After much talking with my husband, we decided that our first snake (ball python of course) would have to be a baby. Maya, how old was your Tiberius when you got him? Did you get him at a Reptile Expo? If he is your first snake, where you comfortable you were buying a healthy ball?
    Ron, the guy from RCReptiles has het albino males for $60 (plus shipping). I have to find out the date of birth and cost of shipping. But I am thinking I should get the day off work and go to the Maryland Reptile Show in March, or there is another one in April. Would I definitely find BABIES?
    I am trying to chill out and think that as long as we get him/her in the next 3-4 months is fine, but the impulsive part of me is not listening!

    Sorry to be a pain!
  5. MoogleBass

    MoogleBass Kittes are so nice! Premium Member

    Yeah with breeding season starting up for everything, there will be babies sometime. Its like a hit and miss thing. Atleast my show is. One month it can be nothing but cornsnakes next nothing but balls. I do not know about your show though, or who goes to it.

    Shipping will run you about 40-50 bucks for over night.
  6. Merlin

    Merlin Administrator Staff Member Premium Member

    Shipping is going to add a substantial amount to your costs.
    Personally I would just wait for the expos. There are usually ball pythons at everyone I have ever been to.
    That way you can handle them and pick out one that appeals to you.
  7. angrykitten

    angrykitten Elite Member

    Merlin, MoogleBass (by the way, I love kitties too: we have three!),
    I totally agree with you: I think I should go to the Expo, where at least I will be able to see and handle what I am buying.
    I am not sure if I will be able to go to the one in March (I have to work!). It would be nice though, as the Saturday after that will be my birthday and my hubby already asked me what I want for it!! Does he need to ask?! Otherwise I will wait for the one in April.
    Any advice in how to choose a baby ball at a Expo is more than welcomed!! I am afraid that if I said to the breeder that I am a first time snake owner he would just try to take advantage of me!
    Also, I have been trying to buy a second-hand 50 gallon tank, but so far I have just a 10 gallon tank here at home. Would that be OK for a baby, meanwhile I get a bigger set up?

    Thanks a lot! I appreciate all the help you are giving me.
  8. Dragoness

    Dragoness Elite Member

    That's why it's always best to be informed - you can't always trust people.

    You want a healthy-looking snake, not underweight or skinny looking, with smooth, glossy scales (including eyes), alert eyes, and a frequently flicking tongue. Check around the cloaca for irritation, and check the eyes and heat pits (upper lips) for mites or other parasites (I have yet to see any of those at a show, but it's best to look) and if you can, have them check the mouth for you, and verify that it is a healthy pink color. Avoid animals that look 'droopy' or 'baggy' ask the breeder when the snake last shed, last ate, when it hatched, how many meals it has eaten, and you can also ask them to feed it as well to verify that it will eat. Many will also sex the snake for you.

    Hope this helps.
  9. angrykitten

    angrykitten Elite Member

    I wanted to thank everyone for their does it work? I just click on Thanks! every time I read a reply? What happens when you have a certain amount of Thanks?
  10. dannigd

    dannigd Elite Member

    My friends husband is a breeder. I can get you information if you want they should be having babies soon.
  11. angrykitten

    angrykitten Elite Member

    Yes, please. I think we will go to the Maryland Reptile Expo March 7th. Still, I can;t be sure I will find what I am looking for...
  12. Dragoness

    Dragoness Elite Member

    I actually have a baby ball from my first clutch (hatched July) but I'm in the same situation as you, I am iffy about shipping, and all the way from Florida... yeah.
  13. Maya

    Maya Elite Member

    Do go to the Reptile expo, and walk around and see them all, go with your heart, you will see just the one you want. I got Tiberius at a Reptile show in Raleigh. He is US bred and was born on August 5th, and 3-weeks old when I got him just a little thing, I put his bag under my shirt to keep him extra warm while riding home. I just walked around looking for a Pastel Ball, there were several sizes/ages/coloring etc. I just fell in love with Tiberius right away, I paid a $100 for him. Walked all around bought all the stuff that I needed including 2 mouse pinkies and brought a new baby home.
  14. angrykitten

    angrykitten Elite Member

    I read you story before and I hope to have the same good luck. I think the Expo would be an adventure no matter what. Neither me or my husband (nor our 3 year old son) have ever been to a Reptile Show before. I am like you: I like the idea of choosing one rather than receiving him/her via post. Did you have snakes before?
    Also, did you buy everything you needed at the Expo including the tank??
  15. raechael

    raechael Elite Member

    any of the expos or shows I have been to always have everything you could ever think of (and lots of stuff you wouldn't think of) in terms of supplies and equipment for various types of well as snakes recommendation is just go in and enjoy the experience (be sure to keep a close eye on the little one, as the expos can be a bit overwhelming) will be "just looking around" and the perfect snake will find you and it becomes love at first sight! ;) then the rest, they history :D ;)
  16. legalcmf

    legalcmf Elite Member

    ha! I keep forgetting I'm in the UK....I was just about to suggest one in the UK to you then realised it's pointless. Hope you find one, although I find it more gratifying to get one from anywhere and making it healthy anyway :)

  17. Maya

    Maya Elite Member

    No I had never had a snake before, yes keep an eye on the little guy, it can be crowded and those Burmese are huge (wonder if they are fed just before or are sedated) I would put him in a back pack (he will get a good view of all the reptiles). I got a big tank, because I didn't want to upgrade it (I did ensure he had little hides) now I am happy since he is about 3X his original size. I am not so happy with the aluminium frame for the screen top, shall get a darker (maybe synthetic screen top). I am afraid he is scuffing himself up trying to still fit on the mid-frame of the tank.
    I got: a 40-gallon tank, Aspen bedding, 3-Zoo-med-repti-therm pads (I have one on the bottom and 2 on the sides of one corner), heat lamp with a ceremic bulb, a pool, a basking stone, and nice tree trunk with plastic leaves (makes it look like a Bansai) with hide. And don't forget the pinkies (will save you a trip to the pet store). If I remember right the whole thing including Tiberius added up to about $350.
  18. angrykitten

    angrykitten Elite Member


    Funny enough I lived in UK (London) for 8 years and I was there visiting just a couple of months ago . I went to visit a friend of mine who has a small milksnake and that definitely re-sparked my interest and fascination on snake in general!
    Petty that I don't live there anymore...:)

    You are all right about the Expo: I should go there with a open-mind and hopefully, like Raechael said, the perfect snake will come to us!!

    Maya, my son doesn't fit on a backpack anymore, but I have a leash for him (LOL!!), perhaps I should remember to take it!

    I am trying to have the tank set up before actually going to the Expo. I am trying to buy a second hand 50 gallon-tank, but the deal is not done yet! Would that be enough for the entire life of the ball python?

    The other thing I would definitely need will be a list of questions to ask to the breeders. All of you already gave me excellent advice: it is just a matter for me to be organised (very difficult!!) and write everything down...I know that in the excitement of the situation I would probably forget thing like: "Can you show me the mouth of the snake?" (to make sure it is nice and pinky and doesn't have any sign of stomatitis).

    Do breeders always tell you the sex of the snake? Do they probe them in front of you or do they already have them properly divided by gender?

    Also, why do females cost more (is it because of the still need a male to breed though?)?

    Are they any relevant differences between males and females (apart from the females growing bigger)? I mean, in term of being docile and easily fed. Or it just depends on the individual BP personality (like in humans!)?
  19. Merlin

    Merlin Administrator Staff Member Premium Member

    Good plan! It is always better to have everything set up and running and the temperatures all dialed in. That way the snake doesn't have to suffer thru the ups and downs of you trying to get everything adjusted.
    A 50 gallon tank will be fine for its life.

    Most dealers will have the snakes seperated by gender. In fact most of them I have seen have each snake in an individual deli type cup, marked with gender.
  20. Maya

    Maya Elite Member

    Claire, we lived in England for 2 years, in Farnham Surrey, I got my MBA at Surrey European Management School. My hub worked in Basingstoke, and the children went to Frensham Heights Prep with gorgeous grounds. I loved it there, especially the beautiful gardens. Are there any indigenous snakes in UK?
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