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Looking for a Fluorescent Light Controller

Discussion in 'Habitat Lighting' started by severity, Apr 18, 2014.

  1. severity

    severity New Member

    Hello all! Im having a bit of an issue getting lighting for the tank i have constructed for the GTP im getting soon.. now heres my problem. i want to mount a fluorescent uvb tube inside the enclosure.. For the light i will be using the t8 repti glo 5.0 15" bulb from exoterra.. now since i cant seem to find a small enough fixture for the bulb, i looked at the exo terra light unit.. only issue with these units is they require 2 bulbs to function and i dont need 2 bulbs.
    Ive found an item similar to the exo terra unit but these items only seem to be sold in the uk. So if anybody could tell me where i could buy one of these AQUARIUM FISH TANK 20W LIGHTING STARTER UNIT SYSTEM T8 | eBay in the us i would be very grateful, it must be a T8 and 20watts.. Thanks in advance :) Oh and if anyone is wondering why i need uv, 1 its a live planted viv and 2 i hear that uv can be very beneficial to the animal :)
  2. Merlin

    Merlin Administrator Staff Member Premium Member

    You do not need UVB for the plants. Plants only require visible light in the red and blue spectrums.
  3. jarich

    jarich Elite Member

    I think its great that you want to provide UV light for your snake. As Merlin mentioned, it really wont be needed for your typical enclosure plants. Those exo terra are a weird size, so it makes it tough to find a fixture for them unfortunately. Having said that, I think your bulb is a 14 watt though, isnt it? I know it doesnt help after youve already bought the bulb, but Exo Terra doesnt make very good fluorescent lights anyway. Id recommend switching to the Zoomed or Arcadia brands when you have to change it.
  4. 0999

    0999 New Member

    most lights are overpriced and don't provide proper lumens. t8 and t5 ho lights from home depot at 10 dollars for 46 inches on average and provide same lumens and wattage as reptisun , there is a reason there is no spectrum on the box. the fixtures for two bulbs also run from 69 and up for t5 and t8s , if you can use them or customize them using the connectors provided ( will take some work cutting it apart and customizing it) to your size or specs its a cheaper route. never found and t5 or t8 connectors separately. hope this helps a bit , or gives ideas
  5. jarich

    jarich Elite Member

    They may provide the same wattage and lumens, but will not have the same spectrum. Since that is the whole reason for them in the first place, your cheaper option will not give the OP what they want regarding UVB. As for the fixtures, they have come down quite a bit and are worth the money generally. No point in buying a HO light bulb if you buy/make a cheaper fixture that doesnt have the output to run it properly.

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