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Looking at a Salmon Hog, Price?

Discussion in 'Hog Island Boas' started by andys3ballpythons, Dec 1, 2010.

  1. andys3ballpythons

    andys3ballpythons Elite Member

    so i found a female salmon hog about 2ft long and a little nippy, not worried about the nippy part, would $100 be reasonably priced for this beautifull healthy snake? she may even come with enclosure but not sure
  2. David McConley

    David McConley Elite Member

    Just my opinion, but I think $100.00 for a Salmon Hogg Island Boa is relatively inexpensive...especially if the enclosure comes with it. I see you are really getting into snakes heavily- that's awesome, just a quick word of warning- it is VERY easy to get in over your head. By this I mean, caring for so many snakes can quickly become a chore instead of a pleasurable experience. I am not saying that will happen to you- I just want you to be aware of it. Good luck on the Salmon Hogg! ;)
  3. andys3ballpythons

    andys3ballpythons Elite Member

    well whether i get the hog or a ball morph, this will be my last one for quite a while, breeding my own rats is helping more than most know, but i think my collection is big enough for the moment, but you never know

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