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List with the new names for the 'former' genus Elaphe

Discussion in 'Ratsnakes' started by Rob Olivier, Dec 30, 2004.

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  1. Rob Olivier

    Rob Olivier Member

    Elaphe bairdi - Pseudelaphe bairdi
    Elaphe bella - Elaphe bella
    Elaphe bimaculata - Elaphe bimaculata
    Elaphe cantoris - Orthriophis cantoris
    Elaphe carinata - Elaphe carinata
    Elaphe climacophora - Elaphe climacophora
    Elaphe conspicillata - Euprepiophis conspicillatus
    Elaphe davidi - Elaphe davidi
    Elaphe dione - Elaphe dione
    Elaphe emoryi - Pantherophis emoryi
    Elaphe erythrura - Coelognathus erythrurus
    Elaphe flavirufa - Pseudelaphe flavirufus
    Elaphe flavolineata - Coelognathus flavolineatus
    Elaphe frenata - Gonyosoma frenata
    Elaphe gloydi - Elaphe gloydi
    Elaphe guttata - Pantherophis guttatus
    Elaphe helena - Coelognathus helena
    Elaphe hodgsoni - Orthriophis hodgsonii
    Elaphe hohenackeri - Zamenis hohenackeri
    Elaphe janseni - Gonyosoma janseni
    Elaphe leonardi - Elaphe leonardi
    Elaphe lineata - Zamenis lineatus
    Elaphe longissima - Zamenis longissimus
    Elaphe maculata - Elaphe maculata
    Elaphe mandarina - Euprepiophis mandarinus
    Elaphe moellendorffi - Orthriophis moellendorffi
    Elaphe obsoleta - Pantherophis obsoletus
    Elaphe oxycephala - Gonyosoma oxycephala
    Elaphe perlacea - Euprepiophis perlaceus
    Elaphe persica - Zamenis persicus
    Elaphe porphyracea - Oreophis porphyraceus
    Elaphe prasina - Elaphe prasina
    Elaphe quadrivirgata - Elaphe quadrivirgata
    Elaphe quatuorlineata - Elaphe quatuorlineata
    Elaphe radiata - Coelognathus radiatus
    Elaphe rosaliae - Bogertophis rosaliae
    Elaphe rufodorsata - Oacatochus rufodorsatus
    Elaphe scalaris - Rhinechis scalaris
    Elaphe schrenckii - Elaphe schrenckii
    Elaphe situla - Zamenis situla
    Elaphe slowinksii - Elaphe slowinksii
    Elaphe subocularis - Bogertophis subocularis
    Elaphe subradiata - Coelognathus subradiatus
    Elaphe taeniura - Orthriophis taeniura
    Elaphe triaspis - Senticolis triaspis
    Elaphe vulpina - Pantherophis vulpinus
  2. Joe

    Joe Elite Member

    Can't believe I missed this thread!!!

    Thanks for the list Rob...this helps clear up the confusion I was undergoing as to the new classification of the Elaphe genus..I knew most of them but could never find a complete list.

    Thanks again
  3. Merlin

    Merlin Administrator Staff Member Premium Member

    Thats ok Joe! By the time we get them all learned the taxonomists will probably change them all,...again! :rolleyes:
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