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Liquid UVB?

Discussion in 'Product Questions' started by graduationxday, Nov 27, 2008.

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  1. graduationxday

    graduationxday Elite Member

    This just doesn't sound right to me...
    But it does kinda make sense.
    It's at PetSmart.
    Do you guys think it would work in place of a UVB light?
    I doubt I would trust it though...
    But I don't know enough to really know.
    Have any of ya'll ever heard of this? I haven't. Hah.
    Anyone know if it's good or not?

    "Solar Drops are designed to deliver a regular controlled dose of natural dietary cholecalciferol (Vitamin D3) to your captive reptile. Solar Drops solution, are for diurnal (daytime active) species of reptiles.

    Advantages of Solar Drops

    Eliminates the need of expensive UVB lighting systems or other vitamin D3 supplements.
    Prevents and reverses Metabolic Bone Disease in captive Green Iguanas and other lizard, turtle and tortoise species.
    Uniquely palatable formulas for diurnal (daytime active) reptiles.
    Tested and proven at captive reptile breeding farms around the world.
    Ingredients: Vegetable oil, Cholecalciferol (Source of Vit D3), dI Alpha-tocopherol acetate.

    Size: 0.3 oz. (9mL)

    Made in the USA."
  2. rickmill

    rickmill Member

    It's pretty much like the calcium dust with d3 in it. I know most people say it works okay but who knows.
  3. jfogle78

    jfogle78 Elite Member

    It sounds too good to be true, I dont see how a liquid substance could replace UVB lighting.
  4. kriminaal

    kriminaal HH Block Leader Staff Member Premium Member

    Solar drops, moon drops, have been around for over 10 years. They are a waste of money.
  5. Merlin

    Merlin Administrator Staff Member Premium Member

    Indeed! They are nothing but a way to get in your pocket. Don't waste your money.
    And calcium with D3 is a whole other matter. It isn't sold as being intended to replace a UVB light. Its a food supplement.
  6. Dominick

    Dominick Founding Member

  7. wgnelson

    wgnelson Elite Member

    The only "liquid sunshine" that I know of is a rain shower! Don't waste your money. Something that is too good to be true, usually isn't true, and not very good!
  8. graduationxday

    graduationxday Elite Member

    That's what I thought.
    Just wanted other opinions :]
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