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Legality issues....

Discussion in 'Category Suggestions' started by MalformedMessiah, Sep 13, 2004.

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  1. MalformedMessiah

    MalformedMessiah Elite Member

    I was thinking perhaps there could be a thread where people could share/discuss the laws regarding Herp's in captivity in their place of the internet doesn't seem to be flooded with sites stating the legality of certain herps in different provinces/states
  2. Merlin

    Merlin Administrator Staff Member Premium Member

    As good as the idea sounds I think there might be a problem there. The laws can get to be very cumbersome as well as being in a constant state of change due to ordinances being passed or changed. Each and every municipality has its own set of set of laws as well as county, state, and federal. Add to that the interpretation of these laws by particular individuals and you could see where it could get very sticky. I would hate for someone to rely on something that was posted here as a being a legal decision and then get in trouble for keeping something that was prohibited.
  3. MalformedMessiah

    MalformedMessiah Elite Member

    I see your point...It would be terrible if somebody was misinformed on the site and got in trouble with the law over it....though in my personal opinion there shouldn't be laws regarding owning herps...(very endangered species excluded of course) other than laws set to guarantee the proper care and maintenance of the herps...harsher penalties to negligent/abusive owners would be excellent too
  4. Jay DeMore

    Jay DeMore Elite Member

    Your best bet when in doubt is contact your local Dept. of Fish And Game, you will be surprised how much info they can get you. I even purchased a wildlife educators packet because it came with 2 NJ field guides and a cd of local tree frog sounds and how to id them.
  5. Jinxx

    Jinxx Member

    I liked this idea....yes it can frought with problems or abused, but if one knows that before hand, it could not only be controlled and watched for but it can become a valuable tool.

    Include a disclaimer and a request to verify where you got your info (if referring to a real law). MAybe even where in the world you are referring to.

    No one discusses the legal side.....but it has alot of potential.....and not just with respect to animal/reptile care but also in respect to online legalities. There is a huge lawsuit resulting from some comments on a aquatic mailing plant list concerning some comments about a company, its business methods and products.

    Info is power....we need knowledge and an understanding of it to use it

    Just a thought
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