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LED in Waterfall?

Discussion in 'Humidity' started by sab77, Sep 17, 2014.

  1. sab77

    sab77 Member

    I am working on a foam waterfall project.

    I would like to add LED lights to lit the water. Does anyone have examples of such project? I have seen a few images on google but nothing explaining the wiring and such.

    I wonder if I could power a few LEDs with a little watch battery (not sure how we call those) and change it just a few times a year? Or am I better to plug it in a power outlet?

    I was thinking of creating a false bottom to the "lake" and insert the LED between the layers of glass or plexi. I am not sure it is the way to go, I am worried about the humidity level.. this is the reason I thought about using the watch batteries!
  2. lizardhoarder139

    lizardhoarder139 Elite Member

    All I can suggest is maybe looking at LED wands for aquariums. There are many products out there, and you never know you might like one of them and figure out a way to add one :)
  3. Rich

    Rich Administrator Staff Member Premium Member

    There are underwater LED lights made for fish tanks. I would look into those more and see what you like. Since they are designed to be underwater, there won't be any wiring on your behalf. It will just be a matter of how you want them to be installed, but that will be decided once you know what you will be using.
  4. sab77

    sab77 Member

    Oh ok thanks, this helps. I was searching for "waterproof" leds but it didn't give any valuable results. Submersible or underwater LEDS gives me better results.

    Thanks a lot. So fun to work on this project! I did it for all evening last night. This morning I woke up early to continue the foam waterfall haha. If it works with the LEDs, I'll show you what I came up with :)
  5. Darkbird

    Darkbird Moderator Staff Member

    If you do end up doing some sort of DIY set up, I would strongly recommend you use an external power supply. The watch batteries would be depleted in a matter of hours unless only on for brief periods. And most of the LEDs I've worked with run off 12v, and would require you to handle the waterproofing, so unless your really good with wiring and fabrication, you'll want to go with a ready made setup.
  6. kriminaal

    kriminaal HH Block Leader Staff Member Premium Member

    I might add that those watch batteries are stupid expensive for what they are.
  7. lizardhoarder139

    lizardhoarder139 Elite Member

    Haha yes, Rich explained it much better than I did lol :p
    I'm curious on what you end up with!
  8. sab77

    sab77 Member

    Oh ok! I had no idea, I thought LED didn't use much energy and thought they would last forever on watch batteries. But it's ok, I found really cheap setups, already wired and waterproof.

    I didn't buy yet, I want to see how the "pool" or lake below the waterfall will look like, what size, etc. Plus, I have a fogger that has a red light on it, so I want to see the effect of the red light and then see if I use all red lights, blue, none at all..

    I tried the waterfall this morning :) Was exiting, until I notice that the foam wasn't waterproof at all haha. So it didn't work really well. I will apply the silicone or acrylic today. Hopefully sometime next week it will be done and ready to paint (I fear this part, I can build things but the artistic part is not really my thing).
  9. lizardhoarder139

    lizardhoarder139 Elite Member

    I'm looking forward to pictures!! Sounds like a really interesting project. I love DIYs.
  10. Yellowfang15

    Yellowfang15 Well-Known Member

    I've been looking into Exo-Terra's (I think thats the company?) newest LED waterfalls. Mostly because I'm an electric failure :p
  11. sab77

    sab77 Member

    Oh, no pictures yet! I have leakage in certain areas. It is a long term project in a sense that I need to wait for it to dry all the time :(

    I think I finally patched all the holes yesterday, so tonight it should be dry enough to test! It is also kind of hard to get the water to do exactly the pattern I wanted it to..
  12. lizardhoarder139

    lizardhoarder139 Elite Member

    Yea these things can be hard to get to work the way you want, have patience and hopefully it works and doesn't have any leaks this time.

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