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Lavender Ghost Corn Snake

Discussion in 'Corn Snakes' started by Snoopie Melody, Feb 5, 2016.

  1. I just bought was told it was a Lavender Ghost Corn Snake. Could someone please explain.

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  2. Buggy0123

    Buggy0123 Established Member

    Explain what? How to care for them? I'm guessing you bought him/her on impulse then if you don't know how to care for it or don't understand how to care for it. There is a care sheet on this website.
  3. Katsura

    Katsura Elite Member

    If you're asking what "lavender ghost" means, it is referring to the genes of the animal, casually known as the morph of the snake. Corn snakes come is a massive variety of colors and patterns. They're all still corn snakes, they're just differentiated by color and pattern. For example, with an "albino corn snake", albino refers to the color (or lack thereof, hehe) and gene of the corn snake.

    Make sense? I tried to make it as clear as I could.
  4. Thank you no I did not buy on impulse I know how to care for reptiles. I wanted a corn snake and had proper home prior to purchasing. I just didn't understand how the morph names or what type of parents generate this morph
  5. Buggy0123

    Buggy0123 Established Member

    Oh okay, sorry I misinterpreted what you wrote.

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