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Kingsnake Viv

Discussion in 'Vivariums' started by xkwahlx, Sep 29, 2014.

  1. xkwahlx

    xkwahlx Member

    The glare is a pain....
    Anyways fit for a albino kingsnake....
    Everything was purchased at pet stores or expos
    20 long, 3 hides, 2 climbing branches, 3 fake plants total, aspen bedding, aspen accent coloring (red, should of got the green color instead,) corner waterbowl, creek bed background kit on sale at pet smart for 5.99 :)

    Probably one of my best setups I think I try to make it pleasing to view to keep my girlfriend a little bit interested in having a snake in the house lol

    I may switch up the theme and go towards a ruin building palace look if I'm up for the challenge
    Hope you all enjoy

    IMG_20140927_174541840_HDR.jpg IMG_20140927_181405440_HDR.jpg IMG_20140927_181601462_HDR.jpg

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