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Juvenile Kight Anole Health Concerns

Discussion in 'Anoles' started by Jephph, Jun 18, 2018.

  1. Jephph

    Jephph New Member

    Hello, I just bought a young knight anole a few days ago, and as they're unpopular in the pet trade I'm not sure what a healthy juvenile knight anole looks like. I do know that it has a raw nose, but thats all I'm certain about. I've posted some pictures of her (not sure of its sex, so I'll just refer to it as her for now). I dont have pictures of her toes, which appear to be wounded in some way, instead of the gecko like flaps that assist in climbing, they are texture-less, and black, or dark red, and almost looks like burns. These injuries on her toes seem to affect her climbing ability, it appears she is slightly slipping on frequently.

    Any and all advice/help is greatly appreciated

    DSC04362.JPG DSC04366.JPG DSC04359.JPG DSC04364.JPG DSC04360.JPG



  2. Qwerty3159

    Qwerty3159 Elite Member

    Hi, sorry I didn't see this earlier.
    Aside from the slight nose rub and a little bit of stuck shed she looks pretty good albeit a little skinny. Knight anoles are very spindly looking as babies. Mine was like that when I got her and she is pretty chunky now. Just feed her often and I wouldn't worry. I also noticed she had a few pieces of stuck shed on the spikes on her neck. A wet cotton swab can be used to rub those off because she definitely won't want to get put into a bath or anything like that.

    As for the toes I'm not sure I've seen anything like that. If you could get some pictures I may be able to get an idea of whats going on. If you have any other questions about knight anoles dont be afraid to ask! It is really difficult to find any solid information on them and a lot of it is trial and error from owning one for several years and advice from a few keepers experienced in this species.

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