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Just Took in a Couple of Rescues!!

Discussion in 'Green Iguanas' started by bloodraven, Mar 18, 2009.

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  1. bloodraven

    bloodraven Elite Member

    No, not keeping them. One is about 7.5 inches SVL, the other is young, about 3 inches SVL. They where kept in a 55 gallon tank TOGETHER and then given to a shelter to be put down. The shelter had them on the Euth list for Friday, so we bailed them out and they are with us for a week or so until they go to the local reptile rescue. I'm gonna hate giving them up, but with three water dragons, plus all the other animals we have, we have NO room for them. They where eating iguana pellets and crickets (sigh), but we have turnip, mustard, and collard greens, along with squash, carrots, and cucumbers. That should get them through the next couple weeks, right?

    Also, the older one is missing most of her tail (I believe it is a her...). I have included some pictures of it. Other than that and some shed that needs to come off (and a swollen toe) she looks healthy enough. The younger looks like he has dried vomit on his face, his snout is short (maybe just because he is young? I'm not used to these guys...), and has some weird brown spots on his belly. His tail also seems ot have an infection.!!

    Old one:







    Young one:





  2. schlegelbagel

    schlegelbagel Frog Lover Premium Member

    I'm not an expert, but it could be old shed stuck to his face. That diet works. :) make sure they get UVB!!!!
  3. jfogle78

    jfogle78 Elite Member

    Switch the carrots to parsnips
  4. bloodraven

    bloodraven Elite Member

    UVB plus natural sunlight! Well, as long as it stays nice outside like it has been.

    I have been looking for those, but I think they may be out of season up here. I went to Melissa Kaplan's website and it said that we could substitute kidney beans, mashed up, with calcium to balance out the phosphorus. The carrots are alternated with the squash.
  5. Kendalle

    Kendalle Elite Member

    You don't need to alternate you can just give squash carrots aren't the best for them. Good luck you can give them both a soak (separately) and try washing that stuff of his face and help with the shedding they both are doing

    Neither tail looks good, are you taking them to the vet? It looks like the younger one may have a bacterial infection like my Kerm had when I got her, and the older one looks like it's tail needs some help too!
  6. bloodraven

    bloodraven Elite Member

    No carrots then!! We planned on soaking them tomorrow to help with the shed. We are not taking them to the vet as they are leaving in probably a week to go to the vet up there. Should we go ahead?
  7. TitoAndKatt

    TitoAndKatt Elite Member

    The stomach stuff looks kind of like scars similar to Tito's. It's hard to tell in the pictures though. That's horrible! I am glad that you saved them!
  8. nicole

    nicole Elite Member


    I am glad to hear that they will be moving to a rescue soon that deals with iguanas. In your posts I read it would be a week or a couple of weeks. I am a little confused, when are you planning on moving them? I am only asking because they are in need of a vet seriously.

    I will start with the first one, she or he is severely dehydrated and malnourished, starved. I would wager to guess that she or he has never had any uvb lighting whatsoever. I would definitely put her under a Mega Ray immediately, start soaking her, and call a vet. That jaw looks like she has some serious calcium deficiencies and Metabolic Bone Disease. I think a reptile panel is in serious need to let you know how her kidneys are functioning, then you can go from there. I am not sure about the tail, it looks to me that she has had it broke and now it is trying to regrow.

    She is in need of a vet pronto, her very life may depend on it. She is extremely thin and has no fat "reserves" Aggressive rehab is in serious order for her!

    As far as the second one, that one does not look as bad at all compared to the first. I cannot really tell with the tail. It looks like it is indented halfway up the picture? Or is that just my eyes messing with me? lol.

    As far as the spots that it has on the underside, it looks like normal young iguana to me. When they are young like that they will change from the bright green to a darker green and brown and will have some spots.

    A little thin though also.

    Again, i am really concerned with the first one. You have a lot of major issues to deal with there and a very long amount of time when it comes to rehabbing her. please get her into the rescue ar take her to a vet ASAP, her life depends on it. She is in advanced stages of MBD.

    She is also probably a lot older than her size makes her look, so who knows how long she has been like that, the body can only take so much before it just gives up.

    Great job for rescuing her and let us know how the vet goes or the rescue works out for her!
  9. Lucysfriend

    Lucysfriend Elite Member

    I just want to say kudos for trying to help them and good luck! :)
  10. bloodraven

    bloodraven Elite Member

    Thanks for the info! She has a mega ray on her actually (great bulbs!!) and I am trying to get her to eat this morning. I called the vet and have her down for Friday morning. We are thinking next week for them to get to the rescue, but it may be the week after.

    Thanks again everyone!
  11. bloodraven

    bloodraven Elite Member

    Just a quick update, both ig's are doing great! Went to the vet, she does have MBD, her tail has a slight infection, and that was about it. After getting most of her shed off (we peeled about half an inch thick off her face...) she is doing wonderful. She is eating, climbing, and even climbs out of her enclosure onto my arm and up to my shoulder and sits there for a long time.

    The young one was fine health wise. He's been eating without any problems. His tail was just another thing of old shed. They are both already filling out and showing a difference in behavior and appearance since they got here a week ago.

    They will be heading to the rescue in another couple weeks. She has to wait on one of her ig's to go (supposed to leave this friday) so she can split that enclosure into two for these guys.

    Thanks again for all the help!!
  12. nicole

    nicole Elite Member

    That is great to hear! Did they give the first one any calcium injections or anything like that? What did they tell you to do for the MBD?
  13. bloodraven

    bloodraven Elite Member

    The vet gave her a shot, I'm assuming that's it. Other than that, high calcium foods with dust on them, and lots of UVB.
  14. wildheart

    wildheart Elite Member

    How are they doing now?
  15. bloodraven

    bloodraven Elite Member

    They are still doing wonderfully. Her jaw looks bad still, but the rest of her is really filling in. She's eating every day, being active. He has been pretty much ok since we got him, but he is definitely bigger than he was.
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